Short term visas

General requirements for a *Schengen visa application for tourism or business purposes (up to 90 days).

 (*Schengen member states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland)


In most cases, these visas will be valid for all Schengen countries.


NOTE: The consular jurisdiction of the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa covers only the National Capital Region (Ottawa and Gatineau).
If you live in a city other than Ottawa and Gatineau, you should apply for your visa at the Spanish Consulate General in Toronto or Montreal according to their consular jurisdictions.​


Airport transit visa

Whether you are required to apply for a Schengen airport transit visa or not depends on your nationality.
Citizens of some countries must hold an airport transit visa when transiting through the international parts of airports situated in any of the Schengen States, while citizens of certain countries must hold an airport transit visa when transiting through the international parts of airports situated in some of the Schengen.
You may be exempt from the airport transit visa requirement, if you:

  1. hold a valid visa or residence permit issued by a Schengen state;
  2. hold a visa valid for a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Canada, Japan or the United States;
  3. hold a valid residence permit issued by a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area;
  4. old a residence permit issued by the Principality of Andorra, Canada, Japan, Republic of San Marino, or the United States, that guarantees unrestricted right of return;
  5. are a family member of a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland;
  6. hold a diplomatic passport;
  7. are a flight crew member national of a contracting party to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Uniform Schengen visa

Only visitors that require a visa to enter the Schengen area who are also residents in the National Capital Region (Ottawa and Gatineau) can get an appointment ON-LINE in order to submit PHOTOCOPIES OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS, as well as ORIGINALS for verification:

  • One (1) completed visa application form with one (1) recent full-face color photograph taken in person by a commercial photographer or studio no more than six months before the date you submit your application. It should also meet the requirements pictured on this link.
  • Passport or recognized travel document (valid for at least three months after the planned journey). Please make sure the passport has two blank pages (one to affix the visa, one for stamps). The passport must not be older than 10 years at the moment of the visa request.
  • Proof of status in Canada (permanent residence card, work permit, study permit and academic transcript, etc...)
  • Print out of travel itinerary - please do not purchase the ticket before visa approval is granted.
  • Proof that you can proceed to the connection destination after you have visited the Schengen countries, i.e., confirmed airline reservation with itinerary/required visa for the following destination. For travelers returning to Canada, your Canadian permanent residence card or visa should be valid at least for three months after the date of re-entry to Canada.
  • Proof of financial means: Bank statements for the last three months, as well as any proof of income or credit card statements. If it were the case, confirmation of employment and last three payrolls.
    During 2020, the amount required for a stay in Spain must exceed € 95.00 daily, multiplied by the number of days visiting and by the number of dependents travelling together. In any case, regardless of the length of stay, it should be in excess of € 855.00 or the equivalent in a foreign currency, per person.
  • Medical travel insurance Confirmation of Coverage stating the following:
    •  It is valid throughout Schengen territory.
    • The coverage is at least € 30.000 (approx. CAD 50.000)
    • The coverage includes repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical care and/or emergency treatment in a hospital.
  • Visa fee: CAN $116.80 (year 2020). Only cash, money order or certified cheque payable to the "Embassy of Spain" will be accepted.
    There are exemptions and reductions on the visa fee depending on the age and nationality of an applicant. Please refer to the consular fee chart.
  • Supporting documents concerning the purpose of travel, for example:
    • When visiting relatives or friends, an invitation letter issued at a police station in Spain.
    • For tourism, please submit confirmed hotel reservations, stating name, address and telephone number of the hotel, including confirmation number and/or proof of group travel participation, etc.
    • If the purpose of your trip is business, please present a letter of support from the company concerned in the Schengen country where you travel to, and a letter from your employer stating your position within the company and the reason for your business travel. Either letter should clarify who is responsible for expenses and where you will be staying (such as a hotel reservation).
  • A print out of your on-line visa appointment
  • A completed and signed “Documents Checklist

NOTICE: ON-LINE APPOINTMENTS booked for visa applications through the Spanish embassy's website in Ottawa are FREE OF CHARGE.

  1. The Consular Department has full authority to evaluate and request additional documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.
  2. Children travelling with their parents on their parent’s passport do need their own visa with photo and visa application form. Therefore, applicants should also submit one recent passport size photographs for every child travelling with them. Please make sure that you have enough pages to affix the visa's for you and your children.
  3. If your file is handed in but incomplete, there is only two weeks time to hand in missing documents. After two weeks, such application will be refused.

Applicants residing in the National Capital Region must come IN PERSON to the Embassy. For more information or any clarification, please contact the Visa Department at the Embassy of Spain (Phone: 613 747-2252, ext. 234; email:
The above visa requirements are based on the EU regulations establishing the Visa Code for Schengen countries as well as Spanish Immigration Regulations. However, during the examination of a visa application, some additional documents may be requested in order to determine that all requirements to obtain the visa are met.
Also, a Spanish translation of all documents submitted may be required in accordance to the provisions of article 15 of "Act 39/2015 on Uniform Administrative Procedures of the Spanish Public Administration".
In some cases, a personal interview with an applicant may also be required.
This information is not binding and does not alter or replace the relevant regulations, which shall always prevail.



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