Consular Services

​This section includes the services that may be useful for Spanish citizens currently residing and those planning to reside abroad.

  • Inscripción consular: Altas y bajas
    Spanish citizens residing abroad must register with the Consular Register corresponding to the district where they live.
  • Registro Civil
    Facts concerning the civil status of people and other situations determined by law are recorded in the Civil Register.
  • Passport and other documentation
    Documents that can be processed by Consulates are passports, renewals of the national identity card (DNI), certificates of existence, Residency Certificates and Cancellations of Consular Registration Certificates.
  • Legalisations
    Legalisation is an administrative act whereby a foreign public document is validated, by verifying the authenticity of the signature on the document, and the capacity in which the signatory of the document has acted.
  • Consular Assistance
    It is important to be aware of the consular assistance services that are and are not available to persons under arrest, as well as the assistance offered when it is needed


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