Student Visas

​Lodging of the application

Applications must be lodged at the Embassy of Spain in Nairobi. No application will be accepted without prior appointment. Appointments can be requested via the Embassy e-mail

Documents required

  • Application form duly completed and signed.
  • Two colour passport-size photograph not more than six months old, in colour, white background, and full front face, with no hat nor scarf, nor sunglasses.
  • Passport or travel document valid for the entire period of stay.
  • Previous passports, if a new passport has been issued within the last 3 years.
  • Non-Kenyan passport holders must provide proof of residence in Kenya, the validity of which should extend to at least 30 days beyond the date of expiry of the visa. 
  • Supporting documents of previous studies and recognition of the academic degrees when necessary. These should be duly legalized. 
  • Documents accrediting the knowledge of the Spanish language, when required. 
  • Documents certifying the availability of accommodation in Spain, for the entire period of study.   
  • Individual International Medical Insurance (minimum cover of €30,000), covering all costs of arising as a result of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalization or medical repatriation and valid for the entire period of stay and all Schengen countries as per the list accompanying this document.
  • Supporting documents accrediting the financial means to cover the studies, accommodation and living expenses, during the entire stay (the minimum amount is 532,51 Euros per month), through:
    o Scholarships or economic grants. The nature and quantity of assistance should be indicated and if the applicant will receive a stipend.
    o Employment Certificate, job description, and salary of the sponsor. 
    o Certified personal Bank statement of the applicant or of the sponsor covering the expenses, and origin of the same.
    o Bank/Credit Card statements showing account movements over the last 3 months, fixed deposits/title deeds, as proof of solvency. 
    o In the case of ownership of a Company : Articles of Association, bank statements, and latest Tax declaration 
    o Sponsors should demonstrate proof of relationship to the applicant.
  • Document accrediting admission or confirmed pre-registration as a student or researcher, in an officially recognized public or private institution.
  • Evidence of the study plan or research approved duration, schedule, language requirements and total cost of the course. 
  • For studies lasting more than six months: a) Valid Good Conduct Certificate (duly legalized), from the Country of origin or from the Countries in which the applicant has resided during the previous 5 years; this is applicable for persons over the age of 18 years; and b) Current Medical Certificate (duly legalized), with results of laboratory tests attached, stating the following “This medical certificate guarantees that Mr./Mrs./Ms. XXXX does not suffer from any disease that may constitute a serious danger to public health as stated in the International Health Regulations of 2005”. 
  • Additional documentation in the case of a minor: a) Power of Attorney from the Parents or Legal Guardians, drawn up through a Notary Public, authorizing the minor to travel to Spain, indicating the course to be undertaken, the centre, and the proposed duration of the course; and b) Prior approval from the Sub delegate or Delegate of the Government in Autonomous Communities, where the minor will reside, applied for by the person who will be responsible in Spain for the said minor, in case the child travels to Spain with a program promoted and financed by public administrations, non-profit associations or foundations or other entities or persons other than those who exercise their parental authority or guardianship

The spouses and children below 18 years accompanying the applicant for the duration of his/her studies should meet our normal visa requirements as well as provide proof of relationship to the applicant either through Marriage or Birth certificates as the case may apply.

Please, note that:

  • All the documents should be presented in original, plus one photocopy, in English, or with a legalized Spanish translation.
  • An interview at the Embassy may be required.
  • The Consular Section reserves the right to request any complementary documentation it considers necessary. 

Processing time

The processing of this type of visa might take approximately 3 or 4 weeks.


In case the applicant is not able to come to collect his/her passport, this document needs to be filled up in order to allow a third person to pick it up: AUTHORIZATION TO COLLECT DOCUMENTS.pdfAUTHORIZATION TO COLLECT DOCUMENTS.pdf 


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