Greetings from the Ambassador
 Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Spain in London
I would like to cordially welcome you to the website of the Spanish Embassy in London.
This page aims to be a useful tool of information for the Spanish citizens in the United Kingdom, as well as for those foreign citizens who wish to know about the services and news offered by this Representation in this country.
As the live instrument that it is, we want this website to be as up to date as possible and to serve, in a special way, the interests of the Spanish residents in the United Kingdom whose administrative situation, or that of their families, might be affected by the withdrawal of this country from the European Union. For this purpose, the Embassy of Spain has set a “one-stop shop” service at its Chancery for citizens seeking assistance.  Information can also be obtained by sending your queries to two new email addresses which have been recently opened.
Furthermore, as this Embassy is quite large and has several Departments and Offices, I would encourage those interested to explore the digital contents of these Departments, including the Spanish Consulates General in London and Edinburgh, which can be found in the Directory.
This Embassy is here to help. We welcome any suggestions and feedback we may receive through email We also have a Twitter account @EmbSpainUK as well as a Facebook and an Instagram account (SpaininUK), where you can receive information and news on social, cultural and consular matters. I would like to invite you to follow us and, if you wish, to send us your opinions.
Thank you for your interest in the Spanish Embassy in London.
Kind regards,
The Ambassador of Spain
Carlos Bastarreche Sagües
·         Born in Madrid in 1950.
·         He holds a Law Degree and a Diploma on International Studies from the Spanish Diplomatic Academy.
·         Married to Mrs Rosalía Gómez-Pineda. They have four children and eight grandchildren.
2017-present: Ambassador of Spain to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
2014-2017:      Head of Public Affairs Spain at Airbus.
2010-2014:     Ambassador of Spain to France (and, from November 2013, Ambassador of Spain to the Principality of Monaco).
2002-2010:      Permanent Representative to the EU, Brussels.
2000-02:         Secretary-General for European Affairs, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid (and Spanish representative to the Intergovernmental Conference).
1996-2000:     Secretary-General for Foreign Policy and the EU and Foreign Affairs, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid.
1991-96:          Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU, Brussels.
1990-91:         Director-General, for European Communities Coordination and Institutional Relations, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid.
1985-89:          Deputy Director-General for European Communities Coordination and Institutional Relations, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid.
1984-85:         Adviser at the State Secretariat for Relations with the European Economic Communities, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid.
1979-84:        First Secretary at the Spanish Mission to the European Communities in Brussels.
1976-79:         Second Secretary at the Consular and Commercial Representation of Spain in Bucharest (Romania).
1976:              General Directorate for Foreign Policy for Africa and Asia, Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Madrid.


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