Embajada de España en LA VALETA
@ Madrid: 07.12.2021 01:05 @ Malta: 07.12.2021 01:05
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Achieving the European Green Deal Together

This is an initiative of the European Commission Representation, Embassies of EU member states in Malta and the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning.

We want to present different ideas how we in Europe tackle the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.


“There is no plan(et) B”.
Who was it that said “We talk so much about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget about leaving better kids to our planet”? Indeed, it does not quite matter who said it, it’s a good quote, one that makes you think, as good quotes should, one that rings true.
Of course, we could talk about great companies developing cyclopean projects for the safeguarding of the oceans, for the conservation of forests, for the protection of wildlife and their milieu, for the prevention of those fires that ravage the Mediterranean every summer…  those projects are part of that better planet we want to leave our children, an essential part, a reflection of our all too human struggle against the evident degradation of the world we love and cherish, a world slipping through our fingers like dry sand in a windy day. However, let us not forget that second part, those kids we are to leave to our planet, let us also reflect on the basics, on the power of little things, on the power of the arts. The arts, in the end, are what make us human and children need far fewer explanations than adults do in order to understand, or better, to interiorise, certain things.
This is why we should like to share with you something tiny, miniscule, microscopic in the scheme of things, but something that could make all the difference in the future… who knows. The following are a couple of very simple but fun plays that kids can reenact and enjoy while, without knowing it, they reflect. They both revolve around the importance of protecting the environment.
Pablo Picasso once said: “It has taken me a lifetime to learn to paint like a child”.
True, there is no plan(et) B…
Or is there?


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