DELE diplomas
Register now for the 2019 DELE exams, the official certificate for Spanish Language issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, and managed by Instituto Cervantes.
Candidates will find here all the relevant information. For more details, please contact


    Since 2014, the Embassy of Spain in Kuwait is recognized as one of the examination centers for DELE (Diploma de Español, Diploma of Spanish). This means that candidates can take the exam here. Examination sessions are usually held twice a year, in May and in November. You can check here the dates and registration procedures for these sessions, including the special sessions for young learners.
    The DELE Diplomas are internationally recognized, and enjoy great prestige not only among public and private educational institutions and authorities, but also in the business world and chambers of commerce.
    In many countries, the DELE has been adopted by educational and training institutions as a complement to their own programmes. It is ideal for furthering your career and accessing higher education, both in Spain and in other countries where the diploma is recognized. It is also a good way to encourage you to make further progress in Spanish until you reach the C2 level!
    Exam dates for 2019
    Exams & Levels
    Exam dates
    Registration from November 14 until:
    A1 & A2/B1 (for young learners)
    Friday May 24
     March 27
    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2 (general-adults)
    Saturday May 25
    March 27
    A1 & A2/B1 (for young learners)
    Friday November 22
    October 09
    A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2 (general-adults)
    Saturday  November 23
    October 09
    The examination sessions for young learners are reserved for candidates with ages ranging from 11 to 16.
    Fees for 2019
    The fees for the corresponding DELE exams for the year 2019 are the following: 
    DELE A1 for young learners
    31 KD
    DELE A2B1 for young learners
    40 KD
    DELE A1
    31 KD
    DELE A2
    34 KD
    DELE B1
    40 KD
    DELE B2
    51 KD
    DELE C1
    58 KD
    DELE C2
    61 KD
    Fees must be paid before registration at the following account number of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).
    ·         Account number:  1007714791
    ·         IBAN number: KW13NBOK000000000000100
    ·         Concept: DELE exam (indicate level -A1, A2/B1, A2...- date -May or November- and name)
    ·       Registration form: it can be downloaded here on the following link:
    ·       ID with photo of the candidate (original and a copy)
    ·       Document from the bank confirming payment of the exam fees (see below)
    For registration the candidate can send the application to attaching a scan of all the documents. Another option is to submit the documents at the Embassy of Spain in Kuwait (see location here). Registration should be completed before the dates indicated in the table above.
    Candidates may cancel their registration until 14 calendar days before the exam. In this case the full fee will be refunded. Beyond this date, no fee will be refunded.
    Candidates may change the exam level within the same examination session provided they pay for the fee difference. If they change to a lower exam level, the fee difference will not be refunded.
    Failing to show up for the exam will lead to the loss of the examination session without reimbursement of the fee.
    Instituto Cervantes has the right to cancel any session if less than 15 candidates have registered. In this case the candidates will receive the entire exam fee.





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