Documents can be notarized at the Embassy with certain condictions. Foreign (i.e. non-Spanish) nationals can grant these documents at the Embassy provided that the documents are intended to display their effects in Spain. Documents for other purposes can be notarized at the proper fora (i.e. a Kuwait notary public or other notary public, as appropriate).
Please read these instructions carefully. If you have further questions, please contact emb.kuwait@maec.es  
For NIE applications, see point number 6 below. If both NIE and POA are needed, the application for the NIE may be submitted at the Embassy after the signature of the POA, or it can be brought to the Embassy at a later stage. The NIE can also be requested before the POA. 
1)      In order to grant these documents at the Embassy, an appointment must be arranged. This must be done by writing a message to emb.kuwait@maec.es . If the message includes all the necessary information, an appointment will be scheduled.
2)      The message requesting the appointment must include:
a)      Copy (scan) of photo ID (preferably passport) of the person(s) signing the document. All these persons must be at the Embassy for the signature on the date and time appointed by the Embassy (see point 3).
b)      Personal data of the representatives: first name, family name, ID number, address in Spain. Spanish laws and regulations do not require in principle that the representatives be lawyers or attorneys-at-law.
c)      Content of the document: this may be done, alternatively, by:
·        Either providing a model in Spanish prepared by the attorney. In this case, a .doc or .docx file must be attached (.pdf may not be processed). The Embassy will review this document and adapt it accordingly if necessary.
·        Or a full explanation of the transaction. For example, for real estate transactions: clear and full identification of the real estate, determination of the price or loan guarantees, if applicable (if not applicable, a reference may be made to the fact that the price has already been paid, or that it is agreed with the other party, or the price may be specified in the document). If the Embassy needs more information, it will be requested by email.
3)      All the persons that will sign the document, and whose information is provided  to the Embassy as indicated in para. 1.a above, must be in person at the Embassy for the signature, on the date and time appointed by the Embassy. Otherwise, the appointment must be cancelled. In case of difficulties to arrange simultaneous appointments for all the signatories, separate appointments may be arranged, but the names of the person(s) signing on each appointment must be specified in the message. If a person is signing on behalf of another signatory, they must provide an original valid POA. The consul will determine if the POA is sufficient. A scan may be sent in advance by attaching it to the message requesting the appointment at the Embassy.
4)      The legal fee must be paid before the signature. The complete list of fees is published at the Embassy board. Regular POAs range typically from 10,220 to 12,720 K.D., but the fee may vary according to the length of the document. It must be paid in cash before the signature. Credit cards are not accepted. .
5)      Upon signature of the document and payment of the fee, the Embassy will provide an original sealed copy. This is done immediately after signing. This  document may be then sent to the representatives / attorneys in Spain.
6)      For information on NIE / NIF (Foreigners' Identity Number for Foreigners / Fiscal Identification Number), read here. The official application form must be used. An English translation can be used to fill the official Spanish application form. No appointment is needed, but the applicant must come to the Embassy in person for the signature. If the applicant can not come to the Embassy, a representative may be appointed. The representative must have a valid power of attorney including a specific reference to the NIE application (please note that Kuwaiti or Bahreini powers of attorney must be legalized and translated). In any case, a full copy of the passport must be submitted, and the original passport must be presented at the Embassy. The applicant or the representative must state the purpose of the NIE (commercial, professional or social, a simple private document signed by the applicant and stating the reasons is sufficient). The applicant will receive the NIE / NIF by email.


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