Self-employed residence visa
This visa allows you to work in Spain as a self-employed. The process may take up to 3 months from the day all documents are presented.
Once your visa is authorized, we will contact you by email or phone, and you (and all your family members applying for a visa) will have to come in person to the Embassy within a month with your passport and an itinerary of flight to Spain to obtain the visa.
The Embassy of Spain in Kuwait will consider applications for Visas BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
One appointment per person. To schedule an appointment send an email to our Embassy (
Our address in Kuwait: Surra, Block 3, 14 street, villa 19
Apply in person or by legal representative (only parents or custodians) written, notarized authorization needed. In the latter case, the applicant must come in person to pick up the visa.
The Spanish Embassy has full authority to evaluate, and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does NOT guarantee automatic issuance of the visa. The documents accepted in order to process the visa, will not be returned.
Original and ONE PHOTOCOPY of each of the following items must be presented
1.     National visa application form: The application forms must be signed and filled out.
2.     Form EX-07: Form must be signed and filled out. Only available in Spanish
3.     Original Passport: Valid passport for a minimum of 1 year, with at least one blank page to affix the visa.
4.     Two passport size photos: (White Background, 2x2in) One per application form.
5.     Establishment project or activity with indication of the future investment, profit and work positions it would create, if applicable. This document must be translated into Spanish.
6.     Proof of having sufficient economic investment, or a support commitment from a financial institution or others. This document must be translated into Spanish.
7.     Copy of the documentation accrediting having capabilities and, in this case, the legal required professional qualification to exercise the profession. This document must be translated into Spanish.
8.     In small commercial activities and paid employment mentioned in the annex of the law number 12/2012, in permanent establishments, where its used surface should be of 300 square meters or less, responsibility declaration or prior communication (in the terms of article 71.bis of the law number 30/1992) and proof of payment of the corresponding tribute, if applicable.
In the rest of activities and paid employments, the list of required authorizations or licenses for installation, opening or functionality of the projected activity or for the professional exercise, indicating the situation of the procedures to obtain the same, including, if applied, the application certifications at the corresponding organism.
9.     Non criminal record certificate: issued by the authorities of the country of origin and / or the country where the applicant has lived for the last 5 years (NOTE: if applicant has resided in more than one country, one certificate has to be issued by the authorities of each country) – This document must be stamped / legalized by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for Bahrein: apostille as per The Hague Convention) – This document must be translated into Spanish – NOTE: If Kuwaiti authorities (Ministry of Interior) require a letter from the Embassy, this letter must be requested separately by the applicant writing to, including a copy of the passport and the residence permit.
10.  Medical Certificate: Medical certificate stating clearly the followinfg sentence: “the applicant does not suffer from any disease that may have serious public health impact according to the International Health Regulations of 2005” – This document must be stamped / legalized by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for Bahrein: apostille as per The Hague Convention) – This document must be translated into Spanish. NOTE: A variety of local doctors and hospitals can prepare this document. The Embassy does not provide an address list or a list of doctors or hospitals
11.  Non-Kuwaiti (or Bahraini) Citizens will have to provide evidence of their legal residence in Kuwait or Bahrein (for example: residence permit).
12.  Authorization form M790 C052 & C062, plus the Authorization fee
See requirements for a non lucrative visa
See requirements for a non lucrative visa
·       We only accept cash (exact change). No personal check, no credit cards.
·       The processing fee will not be returned even if the visa is not granted or cancelled.


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