IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that Embassy staff will not take requests or provide information about visas by phone.
Read this section carefully. You can also contact the visa agency (address below).
For queries on open files or feedback about the supplier of external services please write to Make sure to include your passport number. Messages without a passport number will not be precessed.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Embassy staff can not interpret for you the reasons why your visa was rejected. You can file an appeal (see question number 6). Appointments with senior staff for this purpose are not possible. 
1.- Where can I submit my application?
As of 17th December 2016, applications for short term visas for Spain (Schengen Visa) can be presented at the offices of BLS INTERNATIONAL  SERVICES LIMITED, the supplier of external services which cooperates with the Embassy:

Office No. 208, 21st Floor, Baitak Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Kuwait City.
It is recommended to read the following information provided by this supplier and to get an appointment through their webpage:
Call center+965 22254479
Schengen visa applications for residents in Bahrein can be submitted at the offices of BLS INTERNATIONAL SERVICES in Manama (Bahrein):
Al-Aali Mall, Gate 1, Office 1028, First Floor, Bld. 2210, Block 428, Road 2827, Manama (Bahrein).
Online appointments can be obtained through the following link:
Additional information can be obtained by phone (+973 17000278), by email ( and through the website
Until further notice, fees will only be payable in cash in USA dollars.
As usual, long term, residence and student visas will be only submitted at the Spanish embassy in Kuwait (Surra, block 3, street 14, villa 19), after obtaining an appointment by email ( 
Appointments can not be arranged by phone.

2. Where can I get an application form?

You can download it here.

  Formulario de solicitud de visado 


3.-  I submitted my application weeks ago and I did not receive an email. What happened
  • The most likely answer is that the Embassy sent you an email requesting further information but you did not see it.
  • Check your inbox, make sure that you are using the same address as the one you put in your application.
  • If you do not find anything, send an email to stating YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER and explain that you have not received anything.
  • Please note that you will not speed up the process by calling or coming to the embassy. SEE NEXT QUESTION.
4.- How can I be sure that I have submitted the right documents?
  • The Embassy will send you an email within 48-72 hours if more documents are needed. Please make sure that your email is correctly and clearly written when you submit the application.
  • If you do not receive feedback by email, or if you do not bring the documents or information that is requested, your visa application will be resolved with the available information. Please note that the Embassy does not provide information about open files by means other than email.
  • For security reasons, it is not possible to provide information on open files on the telephone or at the visa section of the Embassy.
  • If you do not receive any message, you can
send an email to stating YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER and explain that you have not received anything. 
5.- My visa has been rejected. Can I appeal?
  • Yes, you can appeal against this decision. Fill the application form at the agency or at the Embassy and state your passport number, name and email address. Explain the reasons why you think the visa should have been granted.
  • Once the Embassy examines the appeal, the visa application will be granted or rejected again.
  • If you do not receive a written reply within one month since the date of your appeal, you must consider that the decision is final.
  • Another appeal can be filed, but it has to be submitted to the tribunals in Spain. A lawyer is needed. The Embassy does not provide lists of recommended lawyers in Spain.
  • The Embassy staff can not interpret for you the reasons for the refusal. Appointments with senior staff for this purpose are not possible.
6.- How can I check the status of my visa application?
·       For Schengen visas applications submitted at the visa agency (BLS) you can check online
  • For all other visa applications (national visas only for Spain), the Embassy will send you an email within 48 hours if more documents are needed or when the visa is ready or if the application is rejected. Please note that the Embassy does not provide information by other means.
7.- I need my passport. Can I get it back?
  • You can retrieve your passport at the Embassy at any time. You must come in person with your ID and sign on the application form. Your passport will be returned within 24 hours. Later on you can submit a new application. You will have to pay the fee again and bring all the documents.
8.- For Spanish visa applications submitted at the Embassy:
  • Bring the originals and one copy of all your documents. We will return the originals to you and we will keep the copy.
9.- I have received an email saying that I have to explain the purpose of my trip to Spain. What does this mean?
  • You must bring documents explaining what you are going to do in Spain. For instance: if it is tourism, what are you going to visit? If it is a soccer game, which one and do you have the ticket?
  • If you need to explain further, it is no use talking to the Embassy staff. Write it down in an application form.
10.- I only have one page left in my passport, but I really need to travel and there is no time to renew it. Can I have a visa?
  • This is not possible. Article 12 of the Visa Code establishes that the passport must have at least TWO blank pages. It does not matter if the pages are not consecutive.
11.- If the validity of my passport is less than three months, can I apply?
  • This is not possible. You should get a new passport first.




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