​Mr. Miguel José Moro Aguilar

Mr. Miguel José Moro Aguilar


I would like to welcome you all to the website of the Embassy of Spain in Kuwait, a digital tool that allows for a first contact with the various services offered by this Embassy to all Spanish citizens, both resident and non-resident, as well as to the Kuwaitis and citizens from other countries interested in Spain or approaching our Embassy for any reason.  
Although I arrived recently in Kuwait to take over as Head of Mission, I have already been able to perceive from the very beginning the effort and dedication of the staff of this Embassy in order to handle and give response to the different requests or questions that arise in their daily duties. 
I am fully aware of the special circumstances affecting everyone as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has complicated our lives so much in recent months. In this regard, my aspiration is, therefore, to continue, as one of the hallmarks of this Embassy, providing an effective assistance to all those who approach it, Spanish and foreigners alike. In this regard, for instance, we have just launched a new online appointment system, in order to expedite procedures and guarantee a more efficient service under the current circumstances.
On a more personal basis, I feel it as a privilege and an honor to represent Spain in a country such as Kuwait, with which we share common interests in so many realms, such as the historical and cultural one, the institutional and diplomatic spheres, or in the economic and commercial domain. But most important of all of them, let me enphasize the significance of the intense level of people to people contacts. 
We want to continue bringing both countries closer together, strengthening the aforementioned aspects and trying to expand the scope and depth of our bilateral relations, with an eye towards the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. I hope that the current situation, which obliges us to restrict the contacts and events of all kind, will give way in the coming months to more favourable circumstances which should allow a proper raprochement by both parties. 
We are experiencing complicated times in the international arena that demand the best from everyone and, this particular context advises that friendly countries, such as Spain and Kuwait, should work closer together on a useful, constructive roadmap, on a bilateral, regional and or a global level. 
In this regard, I really expect that both countries shall resume their agenda of contacts in the next few months, leading us to advance in the adequate setting priorities for the coming years, in line with the recent words conveyed to me by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Ahmad Nasser al Mohammed al Jaber Al Sabah, on the occasion of the presentation of my copies of style, in my first institutional meeting in Kuwait.
Finally, I would like to end by expressing the  warmest greetings, both from myself and my family, as well as from all the staff at the Embassy, with our best wishes of health and well-being in the current difficult period, in particular to all those living in Kuwait. Allow me to reiterate, in this point, the aforementioned desire to offer, to the extent of our possibilities, a quality service that meets the interests and expectations of all, Spanish and Kuwaitis alike.


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