H. E. Mr. José Miguel Corvinos Lafuente.
Ambassador of Spain to Malaysia and Brunei.





Greetings from the Ambassador
Dear friends,


I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Spain in Kuala Lumpur, with accreditation in Malaysia and in Brunei.

Spain and Malaysia established diplomatic relations in 1967 and opened Embassies in the respective capitals in 1985. The excellent climate of relations between the two countries has facilitated the signing of important agreements, such as the partial visa suppression of 1996, which allows nationals of both countries to travel without a visa for stays of less than 90 days.
It should also be noted that Malaysia is one of the main recipients of Spanish investments in Asia, with almost 50 Spanish companies installed and more than a thousand exporting to this country.
As far as Brunei is concerned, the establishment of diplomatic relations dates back to 1984, and this Embassy is also accredited to the authorities of that country. Brunei, on the other hand, does not have an Embassy in Spain, and its Embassy in Paris is accredited to the Spanish authorities.
The relations between Brunei and Spain has developed in a context of great cordiality and fluidity, which has also allowed the signing of agreements such as the one that, since 1999, allows nationals of both countries to travel without a visa for stays of less than 90 days.
Through this page we wish, in short, to publicize the services we offer to Spanish nationals as well as to all those from Malaysia and Brunei, and other nationalities, who are interested in Spain.
 In it you can find all the relevant information about the Embassy and its operation, as well as the main information and news about the bilateral relations of Spain with Malaysia and Brunei.
 I trust that you will find its content enjoyable and useful and I thank you for any suggestions you may wish to make to improve the page.
Best Regards.
The Ambassador of Spain

Biography of H.E. Mr. José Miguel Corvinos Lafuente

 Ambassador of Spain in Kuala Lumpur

Born in Zaragoza on August 5, 1966.


Entered the Diplomatic Career in 1993.


• He has been Head of Service in the General Directorate of Protocol in 1994 and Head of Service of the General Directorate of External Policy for Africa, Middle East.
• Secretary of Embassy at the Embassy of Spain in Moscow (1995).

• Deputy Consul General at the Embassy of Spain in Moscow (1997).


• Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Spain in Tegucigalpa (1998-2000).


• Counselor at the Embassy of Spain in Paris (2000-2004).

• Chief of the Technical Office of the Assistant Secretary (2005-2007).

• Member of the Advisory Board of the Minister's Cabinet (2007).


• Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Minister (2008-2010).

• Ambassador of Spain in Cape Verde (2011-2014).
• General Director of Fisheries Resources and Aquaculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (2015-2017).
• Member Adviser to the Minister (2017-2018).
• Ambassador of Spain in Kuala Lumpur (since 2018).






Cross of Officer of the Order of Civil Merit, December 5, 1998; Officer's Cross of the Order of Isabel La Católica, (2000); Commendation of the Civil Merit Order, (2004); Commendation of the Order of Isabel La Católica, (2007); Commander of the Order of Merit of the Portuguese Republic, (2006); Commendation of the Number of the Sikatuna Order, (2007 - Philippines); Grand Cross of the Order of Merit for Different Services, (2008 - Peru); Star of the National Order of Merit Companion Without Breast, (2009 - Malta); First Class Medal of the National Order of Merit of Cabo Verde (2014).




 - 40th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. December 2018.



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