​His Excellency Josep María Bosch Bessa

The Embassy of Spain in Kingston, Jamaica, through this webpage, wishes to be of service to all Spanish citizens that may require its assistance.  Moreover, I trust that this will be a useful instrument for all those who are interested in learning more about our country; travelling to Spain or Jamaica; or require the services offered by this Representation.
Welcome to our website!
Josep María Bosch Bessa, Ambassador of Spain to Jamaica 
Curriculum Vitae:
The Ambassador of Spain is the highest legal representative of Spain in Jamaica. Appointed by the Council of Ministers, he manages all the offices which fall under the Embassy’s jurisdiction. In addition, he provides reports to the Spanish Government on events happening in Jamaica, negotiates on behalf of Spain, is authorised to sign and ratify agreements, oversees/monitors the development of bilateral relations in all areas and ensures the protection of the interests of Spain and its citizens in Jamaica.  
The functions of the Embassy: 
  • Protect Spanish interests in Jamaica. 
  • Offer consular assistance and support to the Spanish residents in Jamaica. 
  • Defend the points of view and positions of Spain before the Jamaican Authorities. 
  • Inform the Spanish Government of the evolution of Jamaican policy, both internal or external.  
  • Organize and facilitate visits by Spanish officials and representatives to Jamaica. 
  • Promote friendly relations between both countries.  
  • Develop political, economic and cultural relations between The Kingdom of Spain and Jamaica.
Ambassadors of Spain to Jamaica:
1.      Joaquín Cervino Santías (1977-1983)
2.      Juan Lugo Roig (1983-1987)
3.      Ignacio Masferrer i Salat (1987-1989)
4.      Ricardo Zalacain y Jorge (1989-1993)
5.      Ramiro Pérez-Maura y Herrera (Duque de Maura) (1993-1996)
6.      Fernando de la Serna Inciarte (1996-2001)
7.      Rafael Jover y de Mora-Figueroa (2001-2005)
8.      Jesús Silva Fernández (2005-2010)
9.      Celsa Nuño García (2010-2014)
10.    Aníbal Jiménez Abascal (2014-2015)
11.    Josep María Bosch Bessa (2017-    )


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