Travel restrictions to Spain during COVID-19
 Travelers are advised to read carefully the following points concerning travel restrictions to Spain during COVID-19: 
I. TRAVELERS FOR NON-ESSENTIAL REASONS (including tourists) from any third country, including Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea, are allowed to enter Spain provided that they present a certificate or document certifying full vaccination against COVID-19, according the health requirement stated in this Link:
II. The following categories of persons, considered TRAVELERS FOR ESSENTIAL REASONS, are also exempt from the temporary travel restriction to Spain, regardless of their nationality or place of residence: 
a)      Residents of the European Union, Schengen Associated States, Andorra, Monaco, The Vatican (Holy See) or San Marino travelling to these countries.
b)      Holders of a long-term visa issued by a EU Member State or Schengen Associated State travelling to these countries.
c)       Health professionals, including health researchers, and elderly care professionals who go to or return from exercising their activity.
d)      Personnel dedicated to the transport of goods in the exercise of their activity, including ship crew, in order to ensure the provision of maritime transport services and fishing activity, and flight personnel necessary to carry out air transport activities. 
e)      Diplomatic, consular, international, military and civil protection organizations and members of humanitarian organizations, in the exercise of their functions. 
f)       Students who study in the Member States or Schengen Associated States and who have the corresponding permit or visa and medical insurance, provided that they travel to the country where they are studying. Entry into Spain must take place during the academic year or during the previous 15 days, and the student will be required to present documents proving the studies at the border crossing.  
g)      Highly qualified workers or business persons whose work is necessary for the Spanish economy and cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, or high level sports persons or artists or professionals of audiovisual arts. The relevant authorities in Spain issue at their own initiative the necessary certificate, which will be required when applying for a visa at the Embassy. Foreign nationals may not apply for this certificate from abroad. The Embassy does not issue said certificates or provide more information about them. Artists or professionals in the audiovisual sector will not require the aforementioned certificate, provided that they present the certificate mentioned on Point I.
h)     People traveling for imperative family reasons.
i)       People traveling for reasons of force majeure or humanitarian. 
III. The list of  third countries and/or zones whose residents may enter Spain without COVID-19 restrictions can be consulted in the following link. The list is updated every two weeks. 
IV. For important information concerning Health Requirement for travelers to Spain during  COVID-19, follow this link:
V. Foreign citizens that are subject to visa requirements in order to enter Spain must apply for the visa. For information about visas, kindly send an email to . Please note that the Embassy does not provide any information about visas by phone.
An appointment for a visa application does not mean that the Embassy considers that an exemption for travel under COVID-19 restrictions applies to a given individual case. Visa applicants must carefully study whether the relevant exemption applies or not before submitting the visa application. Visa fees will not be refunded in any case.


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