​If you are not a Spanish national or an EU/EEA national, you may need a visa to travel to Spain. Please bear in mind that the visa you request must comply with EU and Spanish national laws, and it must be consistent with the purpose of your journey to Spain. You can only apply for a visa in the Embassy of Spain in Helsinki if you are a resident in Finland. Otherwise, you have to apply where you reside. Please bear in mind that some visas have long processing and appointment times. Plan in advance and apply for your visa in time.
Visa services are provided by appointment only. In order to request a visa appointment or further information, e-mail us at


  • 22 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @fpa: Words spoken by the King during the 2017 #PrincessAsturiasAwards ceremony.
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * Rajoy:"No Government in a democratic country can allow that some people ignore,violate or change the law imposing their criteria on others"
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * PM Rajoy: "Catalonia's autonomy is not suspended; those who put it at risk must leave"
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * hold regional elections with normality,guarantee rights and freedoms of all Catalans and maintain economic growth and social wellbeing (2/2)
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * The Government will apply article 155 of the Constitution to restore legality (1/2)
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * "As long as the Law is not changed, respecting it is not an option, it is an obligation" @Antonio_Tajani at @fpa
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @desdelamoncloa: #CMin Está disponible la Referencia del Consejo de Ministros:
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @marianorajoy: Traslado un mensaje de tranquilidad y pido que no se vayan más empresas y depósitos de Cataluña.Este momento lo vamos a s…
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * EP president @Antonio_Tajani at @fpa "The EU Treaties and the Constitutions form a single legal and democratic body…
  • 21 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @CasaReal: Los Reyes, con los galardonados con los Premios Princesa de Asturias 2017 @fpa #PremiosPrincesadeAsturias
  • 20 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * Barcelona, candidata a sede de ka Agencia Europea del Medicamento #EMA
  • 20 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @CasaReal: Audiencia de los Reyes a los galardonados con las “Medallas de Asturias 2017”
  • 20 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @SpainMFA: Spanish Goverment’s official answer: We will continue to implement the procedures established on #Article155 of the Spanish #…
  • 19 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * What is happening in Catalonia? ? This video explains it all: #Facts #Catalonia
  • 18 Oct @EmbEspFinlandia * RT @MAECgob: Acompañamos de corazón a todos los gallegos y asturianos, allí donde se encuentren, en este pesar. #QueimanGaliza #ArdeAsturie…
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