​As a result of the international COVID19 global crisis, the Embassy is receiving many calls and emails, mainly from Swedish nationals who have a home or who live in Spain, regarding current situation in Spain
Please find enclosed a short list of the most frequent questions, hoping you might find the answer you are looking for. Should you have any more doubts, do not hesitate to write to us or call us.
What is the situation in Spain?
On October 25 the Spanish government approved a new national state of alarm for the country, aimed at giving Spain’s regional governments the legal framework they need to limit mobility in a bid to combat the second wave of the coronavirus. All domestic and international travelers are expected to check with local and municipal authorities for information about local health situation.

If you currently live in Sweden and plan to travel to Spain, please also check Swedish Government site for more information in SwedenAbroad. Remember that there is an overall recommendation against non-essential travel.
Can I travel to Spain?
According to new regulations, as of July 1st all travelers, nationals and non nationals,  arriving to Spain by plane or boat, will need to present upon arrival a Passenger Location Card that you can fill online at

If you have technical problems filling the form, you can always do it on paper. The PDF form can be downloaded and printed here. Please be advised that the QR code or the PDF form need to be presented upon arrival and is therefor nor a precondition to board the airplane. The airline can and should provide the passengers with paper copies of the form if needed during the flight. You can also fill the form upon arrival.

As of November 23, all travelers arriving in Spain by air or sea from 'high risk' countries according to ECDC rankings, regardless of their nationality or age, MUST produce a negative PCR COVID-19 test. Since December 10, TMA tests are also accepted and children under 6 are exempted. Certificates must be in Spanish or English and will need to be uploaded when filling the Health Form. Airlines will need to inform passengers about the need to produce the PCR test and will eventually exercise controls before boarding.
A list of private laboratories doing PCR tests for tourism can be found here
A link to the #ECDC updated map with the countries considered "at risk", in red, can be found here
Can I visit on Tourism?
Under current situation, be advised that regional and local authorities are adopting regulations, restrincting travel. In some cases, you can only enter and exit confined areas if you have a valid reason. Travelling for tourism is normally not one of them. Having a holiday home or visiting relatives living in Spain is not necessarily a valid reason to enter these areas.

If you are flying to a specific destination, please check for regional and local regulations, which will indicate in what circumstances you can enter or exit the territory. If you have someone that can contact local authorities to ask about a specific situation, it is advisable to do so. The Embassy cannot, in any case or circumstance, certify or issue safe-conducts.

Check with local and regional websites to make sure you understand and comply with local regulations and restrictions, that can vary substantially from region to region and from day to day. You can find information on regional restriction and limitations in this link.
What to do if you show Covid19 symptoms
If you feel sick before your trip you should avoid travelling and putting others at risk. If you are already on tourism in Spain and you present Covid19 symptoms, you are expected to follow the same care instructions from your healthcare provider and local health department. You should self isolate, avoid public spaces and monitor yourself. If symptoms persist, contact local medical services but avoid going directly to the hospital.  
Where can I find more information?
You can check the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health for more information, as well as local regulations for possible restrictions.

Do not forget to follow us on social networks, twitter and Facebook, where you will find plenty of interesting information and posts, promoting Spain-Sweden relations, language, culture or history, at @embespestocolmo.

Also, do not forget to check Swedish information websites on travel restrictions and recommendations such as @SwedenAbroad



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