Notary Public
In those countries –such as Ireland- where it is not against the law, Consulates and Embassies may deliver notary public services
Annex III of the Statutory Organization of Notaries lays down the rules for the notary public activities of Spain’s diplomatic and consular agents abroad. The heads of the diplomatic missions and career consulates of Spain are responsible for this function in accordance with the provisions of Articles 11 and 734 of the Civil Code and the terms of international treaties. They may delegate the exercise of public faith to diplomatic officials under their authority.
In the performance of this function, the powers of Spanish consular and diplomatic officials are the same as those of Spanish notaries.
In the Spanish Embassy in Dublin, the official in charge of consular affairs is entitled to provide notary services by delegation from the ambassador.
Documents issued before either a notary or a consular / diplomatic official in the exercise of notary public functions are called public deeds. The public deed gives probative value to the dates, facts and statements it contains before authorities, judges and the wider society. 
A public deed only circulates in the form of copies, until recently only hard copies, but increasingly also soft copies. The parent document containing the original signatures of both the notary and the person or persons who required the notary’s action is kept in the office of the notary or the diplomatic official and is integrated in its so-called protocol. On a regular basis the notary protocol of Consulates and Embassies consuls is forwarded to the Historical Archive.
Spanish nationals or foreigners who reside abroad and wish to obtain a public document that will be valid in Spain can opt between their Consulate / Embassy and a local notary. In this latter case, the public deed will only be considered as such in Spain if it has been previously legalized or apostilled and translated into Spanish.
The public deeds that are most often authorized by the person in charge of consular affairs are:
Power of Attorney: Faculty given to another person to carry out and execute certain legal and material acts on our behalf. The proxy does not have to accept the power of attorney; it is a unilateral decision by the principal. The power of attorney may be revoked by the principal by means of another subsequent deed which renders the first one ineffective.
Will: a legal, individual, free and revocable act by which a person regulates his/her succession by naming one or more heirs. For the security it offers, it is common practice to have a will opened before a notary or consular or diplomatic official. Other forms of will are rare.
Marital contracts settlements: Agreement between spouses to establish their matrimonial economic regime or to modify the one they have had until then. Marital contracts are the appropriate way to agree on a financial regime other than the one legally established by default. They can be done before or after contracting the marriage. It requires the agreement and appearance of both spouses.
Purchase and sale: Contract by which one person undertakes to transfer the ownership of a thing or right and another person undertakes to pay an agreed price for it. It can be real state or any other asset.
Any Spanish or foreign resident in Ireland who wishes to execute a public deed in this Embassy in Dublin should first send an e-mail to

The Embassy will then require a series of information and a copy of some documents.

No sooner the official who will authorize the deed will have the necessary information to draw it up, the Embassy will ask the grantor to forward the originals of some of those documents by post, together with proof of payment of the consular fee for the drafting of the deed by postal order at the post office, and will schedule an appointment for the execution of the deed.

On the day of the appointment the grantor shall come with the original documents of which he/she has provided a copy, any other document that the Embassy may indicate and, in any case, the original of the document with which he/she identifies him/herself (ID card or passport). If not acting in his/her own name, the documents accrediting his/her capacity to act on behalf of another natural person or legal entity.  The grantor shall pay on that day by card or in cash the fee that applies to the issuance of a copy of the deed or, should he/she need more than one, number of copies required.


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