Meeting of President Rajoy and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny


The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, met with the Prime Minister of Ireland and Rotating President of the EU, Enda Kenny, at the Alhambra, in Granada.


After their visit to the Alhambra, the two leaders held a work meeting followed by a press conference


President Rajoy and Primer Minister Kenny
The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, met with the Prime Minister of Ireland and Rotating President of the EU, Enda Kenny, at the Alhambra, in Granada.

After their visit to the Alhambra, the two leaders held a work meeting followed by a press conference.

At this conference, Mariano Rajoy underlined that the macroeconomic forecasts approved at the Council of Ministers last Friday "are conservative yet credible" and the aim is "to better them and for things to go much better". In his opinion, this is a "wise and balanced" decision that "lends credibility to the Spanish economy".

The President of the Government highlighted the "enormous effort" made last year to reduce the public deficit by two percentage points, or 3.5% in structural terms.

The Stability Programme presented to the European Union forecasts that the Spanish public deficit will stand at 6.3% next year and, although the objective is to continue reducing the deficit, "we believe that, if things take a more leisurely course, this could have a positive effect on growth and job creation", explained Mariano Rajoy.

The President of the Government recalled that all the Member States of the European Union have lowered their forecasts and said that, although the Government of Spain may have been able to make other, more optimistic forecasts, "it is better to speak the truth, to explain the reality and not shy away from it, than to build castles in the sky".

"The government's aim is to battle to change Friday's forecasts for the better" and "if we continue persevering, if Europe continues taking steps in the right direction, then we will find ourselves without economic imbalances before the end of this legislature, and will start to enjoy growth and see jobs created".

Correcting imbalances Pool Moncloa / Free access The President of the Government recalled that 3,400,000 jobs were lost during the last legislature, which is why this government has been working since it came to power to correct the imbalances in terms of prices, the public deficit and the foreign trade deficit that led to this situation.

The policy of reducing the deficit, the major structural reforms and the restructuring of the financial system implemented by this government are starting to overcome these imbalances, said the President of the Government.

"We will continue working on this in order for us to exit the recession" and, he explained, this will bring about the start of economic growth and, consequently, job creation, since "it is impossible to grow and create jobs if we don't overcome the serious imbalances still being suffered by the Spanish economy".

"The government knows what it is doing, the situation is difficult and complicated, but we will soon start to enjoy growth in this country and that is what we are working towards", concluded the President of the Government.

Both Mariano Rajoy and Enda Kenny agreed that reform is not only "necessary and essential" for the various Member States, but that it is also necessary for Europe to continue its reform processes and work hard to create the single market.

They also agreed that progress towards banking union is an essential part of the European integration process since it is "synonymous with progress in the process of consolidation of the European Union and hence in the process of maintaining forward progress with the Euro".

The liquidity of small- and medium-sized enterprises was another aspect scrutinised by the two leaders who feel that more could be done by the European institutions.

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