Student visa at the Spanish Embassy in Dublin
Applications will only be accepted by appointment
Please provide original documents plus one photocopy of each. Thank you.
1. Application form duly completed and signed 
2. Recent passport size photograph
3. Passport with a minimum validity of the period of the visa applied for
4. Full blank page on the passport to affix the visa
5. Certificate of registration in an official or recognized school. If applicable, this certificate would have the code number assigned to it by the “Registro nacional de universidades, centros y enseñanzas” o by the “Registro estatal de centros docentes no universitarios” both Register Offices are part of the Department of Education and Science. This certificate should specify the type of studies, syllabus and the academic qualifications that can be obtained, if any.
6. Proof of scholarship or grant if applicable
7. Proof of previous studies, if any
8. Accommodation details for Spain for the duration of the proposed studies. 
9. Proof of sufficient funds (Up to date bank statement) to cover the stay in Spain and to return to the country of origin if needed.
10. Travel insurance (including medical expenses and repatriation) for the duration of the stay in Spain
11. Minors (under 18) can only apply for a visa themselves, if they are at least 16 years old. For younger applicants, at least one parent must be present when the visa application is made. Both parents must sign the application form. Birth certificate (also stating the names of parents) and written consent of legal guardian with certified signatures are also required.
12. 60 euros fee. This fee is not refundable
For stays in excess of 180 days the following additional documents are required:
13. A certificate of no criminal records issued by the authorities of the country or countries where the applicant(s) has resided for the last 5 years. These certificates must be legalised through diplomatic channels, or in the case of a country signatory of the Hague Accords, of 5 October 1961, they must have the Apostille of the Hague Accords. Moreover, a translation duly legalised of the document is required.
14. A health certificate issued by a doctor stating that the applicant does not suffer from any disease with serious public health impact according to the International Health Regulations 2005 (Please refer to
For stays in excess of 180 days the applicant must apply for a student card within a month of arrival in Spain


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