The Spanish frigate "Christopher Columbus" arrives in Perth (Australia) to join the Royal Australian Navy

The objective of its deployment is to collaborate in the training of its new destroyers of the "Hobart" class

The Spanish Navy frigate "Christopher Columbus" has arrived in Australia today to join the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for a period of four months, with the aim of collaborating in the training of the crew of its new "Hobart Class" destroyers.

The frigate 'Cristóbal Colón' left its base in Ferrol on January 9 and after forty-two days of sailing, arrived on Sunday to the West Base of the RAN, near the city of Perth.
During its transit to Australia, the F-105 sailed by the Mediterranean Sea, where it collaborated with the NATO Sea Guardian operations against terrorism and "EUNAVFOR MED Sophia" of the European Union against human trafficking; after crossing the Suez Channel and it sailed through the Red Sea; once in the Indian Ocean it collaborated with the European Union operation named "Atalanta" against piracy; later it crossed the Bengal Bay and the Java Sea to finally reach the west coast of the Continent State.
In addition to its participation in these operations, "Cristóbal Colón" has carried out combined exercises with the navies of Italy, Saudi Arabia, India and Malaysia, and has made stops in the ports of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Bombay (India) and Singapore receiving in all of them a large number of technical and professional visits.
On the morning of Sunday, February 19, at dawn in Spain, the frigate "Christopher Columbus" was received at the Rockingham Naval Base by the Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer, formalizing in that moment the transfer of operational controls between the Spanish Navy and the RAN. From that moment on, the "Christopher Columbus" was integrated into the Australian Fleet as one more vessel.
The ship plans to stay in Rockinghan for one week to participate in the pre-exercise coordination meetings of "Ocean Explorer 17". This exercise will run from 27 February on the west coast of Australia and will last approximately two weeks. It will involve naval, ground and air forces from Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Spain, in a complex scenario designed for the preparation of units of a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF).
This is the first in a series of advanced exercises in which the vessel will participate during the four months it will remain in Australia, with the aim of enhancing the strategic partnership and interoperability between the Spanish Navy and the RAN and providing training to the crew of Australia's anti-aircraft destroyers (AWD) "Hobart" Class. In order to achieve this, forty Australian sailors will be integrated in the Spanish frigate for the participation in each one of the exercises and maneuvers that the vessel will carry out. During these four months the ship plans to visit the ports of Fremantle, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville.
On its voyage to Australia, the "Christopher Columbus" frigate has travelled more than 10,300 nautical miles and has crossed some of the most renowned world's maritime traffic routes, such as the Straits of Gibraltar, the Suez Canal, the Bab Strait, The Mandeb and the Malacca and Singapore Straits.
Source of the News and images courtesy of the Spanish Navy.



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