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The following information is aimed at Australian citizens interested in applying for a 1-year Visa to travel, work and/or study in Spain under the conditions established in the new Youth Mobility Accord signed last September 3rd 2014. You can read below the explanation of a number of concepts and requirements that are key for the upcoming application procedure.




On September 3rd 2014 Spain and Australia signed a Youth Mobility Programme Accord, which was published on the Spanish Gazette (“Boletín Oficial del Estado”) last September 19th  2014.
You can consult the English text by clicking here.
The Programme officially commenced on Monday November 23rd  and applications can be submitted, at the Consular section of the Embassy of Spain in Canberra, and also at the Consulate Generals of Spain in Sydney and Melbourne.
The purpose of this Accord is to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding through an increase of opportunities for young citizens from both countries to enjoy longer stays in the other country, which may include holidays, study and work experiences.
The Government of Spain will issue every year up to 600 visas to Australian citizens under Clause 6 of the Accord. This visa allows the applicant to work during his/her stay in Spain for a period no longer than twelve months from the date of entry into the country.


-         Nationality: To be a citizen of Australia and to hold an Australian passport valid for a period longer than that of their proposed stay in Spain.
-         Age: To be between the ages of eighteen and thirty inclusive on the date the application is submitted.
-         Funds:
o       To possess sufficient funds for personal support during the stay in Spain, at the discretion of the competent authorities (same as to Spaniards in Australia).
o       To pay the stipulated visa application fee.
o       To hold a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase it.
-         Academics:
o       To have successfully completed at least two years of higher education.
o       To possess a functional level of Spanish (details below).
-         Administrative:
o       To declare that the purpose of their trip to Spain is that established in Clause 1.2 of the Accord (details below).
o      To be in possession of a letter of support issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (details below).
o      To meet the health requirements, with the medical insurance policy needed before entering Spain, in accordance with the Spanish immigration laws and regulations.
o       To meet the character requirements imposed by the Kingdom of Spain (equivalent to the ‘certificado de antecedentes penales’ in Spain).
-         Not to be accompanied by dependants.
-         Not to have previously taken part in the Programme.

Purpose of the trip

The Government of Spain will require all citizens of Australia who enter Spain through the Programme in accordance with this Accord to comply with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Spain.


In accordance to Clause 9.2 of the Accord, the Australian citizens taking part in the Programme will not be allowed to work for the same employer for a period longer than six months during their stay unless expressly authorised to do so by the Government of Spain.

In accordance to Clause 9.2 of the Accord, the Australian citizens taking part in the Programme will be permitted to engage in one or more courses of study or training for a total period of no longer than four months during their visit to Spain.

Letter of support

Subject to Clause 7 of the Accord, Australian citizens must have a letter of support by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to be able to participate in the Programme. The letter itself does not guarantee that you will be issued a visa which is subject to the decision of the Spanish consular authorities.
More information on how to get the letter of support:

Functional level of Spanish

Proof of Functional level of Spanish: any of the 6 following:

- DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) level A1 or superior. The Diplomas in Spanish DELE are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The DELE can be done in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 
- Spanish course level A1 (2 courses of 30 hours at Instituto Cervantes in Sydney A1.1 and A1.2: Face to face course at the premises of the Instituto Cervantes:

- Spanish Online Course AVE with Skype Teacher Support Level A1 or higher (two 12 week courses: A1.1 and A1.2.) More information:

- At least four semesters of Spanish during secondary education.

- At least two semesters of Spanish during higher education.

- Those applicants who are fluent in Spanish (descendants of Spanish speakers or people having spent long stays in Spanish speaking countries), but who do not hold any Spanish language certificate, will be given the opportunity to prove their fluency at the Embassy or Consulate General through a set of interviews and administrative demarches in Spanish at the moment of lodging their application.

Procedure according to Spanish


 You must be outside Spain when the application is lodged. Please, do not make arrangements to travel to Spain until your visa is approved.
Your application may be lodged at:
  • the Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Canberra
  • Spain’s Consulate General in Sydney:
  • Spain’s Consulate General in Melbourne.
It will be necessary to bring along all documents required and to apply in person.
Should the visa be granted, you will receive administrative assistance to obtain in Spain the corresponding foreigner identification number (NIE).

Apply for this visa now

  • To apply for the Youth Mobility Programme visa, please click on Apply Now.


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