Warning about lottery and inheritance winning scams

Embassy of Spain in CANBERRA
@ Madrid: 22.10.2017 21:03 @ Canberra: 23.10.2017 06:03
Warning about lottery and inheritance winning scams

​Lottery and Inheritance winnings​

​The Embassy of Spain wishes to notify the public in general that bands of delinquents of diverse nationalities fraudulently use the prestige and commercial names of the Spanish lottery in several countries, namely in South-East Asia and the Pacific and on the American continent. They move swiftly from place to place and use mobile telephones, postal boxes, provisional or false addresses (including real addresses of Spanish official organisations), as well as names that represent prestigious institutions (“El Gordo”, “La Primitiva”, “European Lottery Commission, etc.). They also forge forms and signatures pertaining to several banking institutions.
Their modus operandi consists of informing the potential victim that he/she has won a considerable prize (although that person has not participated in any draw), but that he/she will not be able to cash the prize until he/she has paid an amount of money to defray the costs of taxes, banking operations, mailing, insurance, etc.  Usually, the swindler informs the potential victim that the deadline to pay for those costs is very short and that his/her right to cash the prize is about to expire.
Spanish lottery prizes are always tax exempted and free of charges and the Spanish police has detained and brought to justice some band members who were operating in Spain.
Therefore, if you are ever offered a “prize” that seems to have some relation to the Spanish lottery, DO NOT PAY ANYTHING. We would also be grateful if you would notify the local authorities of this fraudulent activity.
Be also aware of any kind of emails informing you of a inheritance left by “relatives” in Spain bearing your own surname.


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