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Visa section Beirut
For information and appointments to submit Schengen Visa applications for Spain (for Lebanese and Syrian Nationals and for legal residents in Lebanon and Syria) and Portugal (for Lebanese Nationals and legal residents in Lebanon), please contact:

 BLS center:

Address: 2nd Floor, Kalot Center, facing OMT, Badaro, Sami El Solh Boulevard, Beirut-Lebanon
Call center: (00 961) 01 – 390383, 391383, 392383
Website: https://lebanon.blsspainvisa.com/
For information and appointments to submit RESIDENCE and STUDENT Visa applications for Spain (for Lebanese and Syrian Nationals and for legal residents in Lebanon and Syria), please contact:
Embassy of Spain:

Address: Hadath-Baabda, Palais Chehab, near Antonine University, facing St Joseph Church
Tel: (00 961) 05 - 464120 / 1
Email: emb.beirut.vis@maec.es

NOTE: Travel insurance policies are not valid for the purpose of submitting residency visa applications, including student applications. Only a medical insurance policy covering the intended residency stay in Spain will be accepted. 


This type of visa is for foreigners who are planning to stay more than 90 days in Spain to carry out any of the following:
  • ​​Undertake or further studies in an authorized education centre in a full time programme leading to a diploma or certificate of studies.
  • Research or training activities (not involving paid employment).
  • Participate in a student mobility programme.
  • Unremunerated trainee in a public or private organization or entity.
  • Participate in a voluntary service scheme. 



The non-lucrative residency visa application allows the applicant to reside in Spain for one year without engaging in any profitable activity. This residency is for applicants wishing to retire in Spain or who are able to conduct their business remotely. One of the main requirements is to submit proofs of enough financial means to cover the living expenses of the concerned person during their one-year stay in Spain.


The self-employed residency permit is for applicants over 18 years old wishing to start a business in Spain. This permit allows the applicant to officially run this business and reside in Spain. The applicant is required to have the business registered in Spain, a business plan, and enough funds to set it up and cover their living expenses for the duration of the first period (1 year). 


Any person over 16 years old hired by a company established in Spain requires a work permit issued by the Spanish authorities. The process to get such permit is initiated by the employer in Spain. The employee is entitled to apply for the work visa application at this Embassy only after the issuance of the required work permit. 


All the visas under Entrepreneur´s Law 14/2013 were created to facilitate the process of investors, entrepreneurs, and foreign talent when moving to Spain, including their family members. 

These visas are: 
  • Golden Visa or Investor Permit that is granted by acquiring a property of at least 500,000 €, invest in Spanish companies, or buy debt or government bonds.
  • Entrepreneur Visa which is granted for foreigners who set up an innovative business that promotes socio-economic development of the country.
  • Work permit visa as a highly skilled professional/worker.
  • Intracorporate Transfer Visa for employees of multinational companies based in Spain. 
  • Research Visa created for the scientific community and research people. 



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