Travel restrictions during the covid-19 pandemic
How to enter Spain from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar - Traveling in times of covid-19
Traveling to Spain from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar is restricted due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.
Orden INT/552/2021 (and other updates of Orden INT/657/2020) establishes the categories of travelers allowed to enter Spain. Check this  link to find the health entry requirements that apply for all travelers (as per resolución de 4 de junio de la Dirección General de Sanidad Pública).
Given the amount of regulations, the specificity of each case and the added travel restrictions imposed by airlines and transit airports, the Embassy presents the following guide to safely travel to Spain. This Embassy is not responsible if the traveler decides not to follow this guide and travel differently.
Who can travel to Spain?: Only certain categories of travelers from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are allowed to enter Spain without being vaccinated against covid-19:
 • Spaniards and EU citizens, in any case.
• Duly registered family members of Spaniards and EU citizens.
• Foreigners residing in the European Union or associated Schengen countries (it is necessary to have a valid residence card).
• Foreigners who have a valid long-term visa (no type C visas).
• Foreign students who have the required visa and insurance.
• Foreigners who are highly qualified workers, business people, elite sportspeople, health professionals and health researchers, transport personnel, seafarers and aeronautical personnel and diplomatic, consular representatives, personnel of international organization, military personnel and members of civil protection organizations traveling to Spain for professional matters.
• Exceptionally foreigners traveling for urgent humanitarian or family reasons, to be justified case by case.
• Foreigners transiting through Spanish airports, if they do not leave the international area of the airport.

These travelers must show proof at the check-in and arrival in Spain that they are included in one of these categories (passport, specific visa, Family Book, etc.). If you do not have such proof, kindly send an e-mail to explaining your situation.
Foreigners vaccinated against covid-19 can also enter Spain. For this, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:
• To have had the last recommended dose of the vaccine at least 14 days before entering Spain.
• Only vaccines authorized by WHOor by the European Medicines Agency (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Janssen, Sinopharma and Sinovac) are accepted. Astra Zeneca shots produced in Thailand by Siam Bioscience are also valid.
• The vaccination certificate is accepted in Spanish, English, French or German. In case you cannot obtain the vaccination certificate in any of those languages, you can travel with a Spanish translation issued by an official/public institution. For further queries on this matter kindly contact
• The vaccination certificate must include the name and surname of the applicant, date of vaccination and doses, type of vaccine and number of doses administered, issuing country and identification of the issuing body of the vaccination certificate.
Children under 12 years old can travel unvaccinated along with a duly vaccinated adult.
Health requirements to enter Spain:
1. All travelers over 12 years old should have a negative PCR test to enter the country, taken at least 72 hours before arriving in Spain. Please check this link for laboratories in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar where you can get PCR tests.
2. Furthermore, all travelers are required to complete the Health Control Form before entering the country. You can access the form on the website or download the Spain Travel Health-SpTH app.
Visas: Visas are still necessary for the required categories and nationalities of travelers.
• Thailand:  To apply for Schengen visas get an appointment at BLS Bangkok. For other visas get appointment directly at the Embassy.
• Cambodia: The Embassy of France in Phnom Penh is once again issuing Schengen visas (not long-term visas) on behalf of Spain, although the number of appointments given per week is limited due to the propagation of wave of covid-19 pandemic that the country is experiencing. An appointment is required to apply for a visa.
• Laos: The visa representation agreement that Spain has signed with Germany for Laos remains suspended. Only EU family member visas are processed (if it is your case, kindly send an e-mail to
• Myanmar: The visa representation agreement that Spain has signed with France for Myanmar remains suspended. Foreigners who are in the categories of travelers authorized to enter Spain without being vaccinated can make the case by writing to and for further information


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