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Death of Spanish citizens abroad and transfer of corpses and mortal remains to Spain.


The Consulates and Embassies of Spain can help in the search of Spanish nationals abroad, based on the available references, as long as the person sought has registered in the Consular Registration Register.
Also, search requests of nationals residing in Spain may be submitted. These will be processed through the General Directorate of Spanish Citizens abroad and of Consular and Migratory Issues.
In both cases, the information about the whereabouts will only be provided if the person sought authorizes it.
Death of Spanish citizens abroad and transfer of corpses and mortal remains to Spain

When an Embassy or Consulate becomes aware of the death of a Spanish citizen abroad, efforts to locate his closest relatives in order to communicate the news are implemented in order to assist them with the procedures and provide them with the necessary information.
In the event of the death of a family member or relative of Spanish nationality abroad, you should contact the appropriate Embassy or Consulate or the General Subdirectorate for Protection and Consular Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (telephones: +34 91 379 17 + 34 91 379 16 10).
From that moment, it will be exclusively the relatives of the deceased who will make the decisions on the actions and procedures that can be performed.
The repatriation of a corpse -decision that corresponds to the family- is an expensive and complex procedure due to the number of requirements required by international health and safety regulations.
The Embassy or the Consulate, at the request of the relatives of the deceased, may perform the following actions:

1.Facilitate contact with local funeral companies, which will indicate the costs and possibilities of a local burial, a local incineration or the transfer of the remains to Spain (transfer of ashes or transfer of coffin).

2. Carry out all the relevant procedures before the local authorities and provide all the necessary documentation to authorize the transfer of the body or ashes of the deceased person.

3. The Embassy or the Consulate will record the death of the deceased in the Consular Civil Registry.

4. In those cases in which there are doubts or suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a Spanish citizen abroad, Embassies and Consulates may inform the local police and judicial system, as well as provide the interested party with a list of lawyers if it is desired to resort to legal aid, especially in those countries where the authorities do not admit that third parties, including the consular authorities themselves, intervene in the investigation of criminal cases.
However, there will be actions that an Embassy or Consulate can not carry out:

1. Embassies and Consulates may not accelerate or expedite those procedures that correspond to the authorities of the country where the death occurred. This is because the procedures related to the treatment and transfer of remains vary depending on the country, so in certain cases it will not be possible to proceed with the embalming or incineration of the corpses.

2. The Embassy or the Consulate will not be able to defray the costs derived from the death, for which the relatives will have to bear the costs of the burial or cremation. In the same way, the transfer of the body to Spain will not be paid. For this reason, the importance, when traveling abroad, of subscribing insurance to cover local burial or cremation and, where appropriate, the transfer to Spain of the mortal remains, given the high costs of such transfers, is underlined.

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, aware of how complex and expensive this type of procedure is, recommends Spanish citizens traveling abroad to previously subscribe to travel insurance covering the eventuality of their death abroad during a trip.
It is possible nowadays to file your takes electronically. In order to do so it is essential to have an electronic certificate for this especific purpose. If you do not have one, you can request it through the National Currency and Stamp factory (Real Casa de la Moneda) in the following link: CASA DE LA MONEDA . to be able to prove your identity you must present yourself at your consular office: INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBSCRIBER-APPLICANT OF ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATE: INSTRUCCIONES PARA SUSCRIPTOR-SOLICITANTE DE CERTIFICADO ELECTRÓNICO.pdfINSTRUCCIONES PARA SUSCRIPTOR-SOLICITANTE DE CERTIFICADO ELECTRÓNICO.pdf
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation advices that interested parties obtain the necessary information for the electronic filing of tax declarations directly from the State Agency for Tax Administration, which is the responsible entity.


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