Requisitos visados corta duración


1. To apply for a short-stay (Schengen) visa to Spain, Portugal or Slovenia, you must request an appointment with our Consular Section by email ( or phone call (+251.929.136.161). Opening hours for visa procedures are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 12:30pm.

2. Please be aware that Schengen Visa applications must be submitted at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expected date of departure. Applicants may not apply more than six (6) months before their intended date of travel. 

3. The day of your appointment at the Consular Section (Botswana Avenue, P.O. Box 2312, Addis Ababa) you will need to submit your application and supporting documents following all the requirements listed below (articles A to H), in accordance with the laws of the European Union and Spain.

4. You must submit the original version of all required documents along with a photocopy. The original documents will be returned only to the applicant once the procedure is finalized. If your application is submitted but incomplete, you may hand in missing documents only within ten (10) days.

5. If the application is accepted, you will be requested to have your photo and fingerprints (“biometric information”) taken . Please be aware that the acceptance of your application and the payment of the compulsory fee do not guarantee by any means authorizing the Schengen visa. The Embassy will carry out an exhaustive examination of the application and all supporting documents, including their authenticity and validity, and may request additional documents not listed below as well as personal interviews. All documents presented at the Consular Section will be strictly treated as confidential and will never be shared with third parties. 

6. Please notice that possessing a Schengen Visa does not confer automatic right of entry the Schengen area. Upon entering the Schengen territory, the visa holder will have to show his/her passport with a valid visa and, if required by the Border Police authorities, copy of the documentation pertaining to the aim of stay in the Schengen area (including, among others, return airplane ticket, travel insurance hotel reservation, invitation letter, and proof of financial means). Failure to present the required documentation may entitle the Border Police authorities to deny entry into the Schengen territory and may lead to an administrative expulsion order by a border authority of a Member State. 


A. Requirements common to all applicants:

1. Schengen Visa application form (duly filled-in and signed);

2. One passport-size photograph (3.5cm x 4.5cm, white background, no older than 6 months);

3. Valid passport (with a validity of at least three months after the end of the intended departure of the Schengen area, at least 2 blank pages, and issued less than 10 years before the date of application) as well as a one photocopy of the passport. Previous/expired passports should also be submitted if available;

4. Application fee (the equivalent of 80 € in Ethiopian birr, as of February 2nd 2020). They payment is due when presenting the application. Fee will not be refunded in case of refusal of the visa application;

5. Preliminary flight ticket reservation (including return travel);

6. Proof of accommodation, valid and final. In case of travelling for the purpose of visiting relatives of or friends and being hosted by them, a formal letter of invitation issued by the Spanish National Police of the place of residence of the host person is mandatory. If the host person inviting is registered as resident at our Consular Register, please contact our Consular Section.

7. Health insurance policy (valid for all Schengen states for the duration of the intended stay, plus 15 days of grace period covering a minimum of EUR 30.000);

8. Proof of economic means (minimum of EUR 661.5 if the stay is less than 9 days, for every additional day an additional amount of EUR 73.59 is required ): Detailed bank statement (covering at least the three months immediately before the application request), including a sealed cover letter from the applicant’s bank. These documents are required whether or not the applicant is sponsored by a company or an individual;

9. Other documents relating to the applicant's financial status and personal ties in Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles, such as title deeds or lease agreements for property, vehicle registration card, marriage certificate, birth certificate/s of children, etc., translated into Spanish;

10. Copy of the applicant's local Residence Permit (only if the applicant is not a national citizen of Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles but resides in any of these three countries): if the applicant intents to return to Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles, the residence permit should be valid for at least 3 months after the planned stay in the territory of the Member States. In case the applicant does not intend to return: proof that the entry to country of origin or any other third country is guaranteed.


B. Additional requirements related to the applicant’s employment:

1. In case of Employed persons: A letter dated and signed letter from the current employer containing: the applicant's personal data, function/profession; terms of employment (temporary or permanent), including starting date of employment and the original + copy of the contract of employment; monthly net salary and copy of payroll for the last three months; granted leave days; date and contact details of the employer; and copy of the business license of the employer;

Important: if the employer will be covering the expenses, a letter from bank stating current balance and bank statements of the company of at least the last six months is required;

2. In case of Self-employed persons: Original + 1 copy in English or Spanish of the following documents: trade/business license; Tax registration; business registration (city administration); and bank statement for business account (for the last three months, as a minimum);
3. In case of retired persons: Documents proving the pension or other financial support.

C. Additional requirements for minors (under the age of 18 years):

1. Original Birth Certificate translated into Spanish;

2. Copy of both parents' ID-cards and passports, if applicable;

3. Legalized written consent letter from both parents (or legal guardian) if the minor travels alone, or from the parent that is not accompanying the child when travelling;

4. If one parent is absent or deceased, supporting document by a court decision or a death certificate.

5. If the legal guardian is different from the parent stated in the birth certificate, a custody order must be submitted proving the legal guardianship;

6. A letter from school in English or Spanish containing the minor’s name, name of parents, grade, number of years at school, school holidays, contact details, date and name of school representative;

7. If the minor travels with a group: a complete list in English or Spanish of names of all group members travelling and name of person in charge of the group.  


D. Additional requirements for applicants travelling for the purpose of tourism:

1. Detailed travel itinerary (touristic plan for the complete duration of your stay);

2. Accommodation reservation, valid a final, in relation with the requirement listed in point A.7.

E. Additional requirements for applicants travelling for purpose of business and/or conference:

1. Signed letter of invitation from the inviting organization abroad. It must contain: the applicant's personal data; the reason for visiting the Member State of destination; period of intended stay; who will be responsible for supporting the applicant financially during the stay; date and contact details from the inviting organization abroad;

2. Signed letter from current employer or organization. It must contain: the applicant's personal data; the applicant's function/profession; terms of employment; number of years with employer/organization; purpose of the visit; who will be responsible for supporting the applicant financially during the stay;

3. If the applicant is to attend a conference which requires prior registration, proof of registration and receipt for registration fee.


F. Additional requirements for applicants travelling for purpose of short-term study and research:

1. Letter of acceptance from the Member State´s educational institution, translated into Spanish or English. The letter must contain the following information: Applicant's personal data; indications of the course/research and its duration; language in which it will be held; Entity/person responsible for supporting the applicant financially during the stay; contact details from the hosting institution;

2. Signed letter from your educational institution in Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles containing your personal data, name of institution, contact details, course enrollment and number of years at institution;

3. Final qualification achieved, which has to be a certified “true copy” from the relevant Institution, duly legalized by the competent authority, accompanied by the transcript and student academic record;

4. Penal certificate if the applicant is above 18 of age, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


G. Additional requirements for applicants travelling for purpose of sport events:

1. Signed letter of invitation, translated into Spanish, containing the following information: the applicant's personal data; the name and date(s) of the event in the Member State; if the event organizers will cover any expenses and/or insurance of participants; and date and contact details of the organizer;

2. Signed letter by the corresponding National Federation translated into Spanish or English and, if available, from the corresponding Spanish Federation. 


H. Additional requirements for applicants travelling for the purpose of medical treatment:

1. Letter from the medical institution or doctor of the place destination translated into Spanish and indicating the following information: the contact with the local doctor; nature of the treatment; estimated time for recovery; the need for return visits; the cost of treatment; the mention that the patient is accepted; the indication that the treatment can be performed; the indication that the medical institution or doctor agrees with the intended method of payment.

2. Letter drafted and signed within the last 3 months by the applicant's local doctor in Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles, translated into Spanish, providing background information about the medical treatment and confirming the need of specific medical treatment to be provided abroad or examination report;

3. Proof of pre-payment of the treatment or proof of sufficient means to cover the medical treatment;

4. Proof from the medical institution showing that it agrees with your intended method of payment;

5. In some cases, additional medical consultations may be required to confirm the diagnosis.



I. Additional requirements for official visits:

1. Invitation letter;

2. Note Verbale, in English or Spanish, from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Embassy or International Organization in Ethiopia, Djibouti or Seychelles, including personal data, function in the administration, purpose of the visit, dates of the visit and indication of sponsorship if applicable;

3. If available, a letter from the relevant ministry/organization;

4. In some cases, common requirements listed in point “A” may not be applicable. Please contact the Consular Section for further information.


For further information, please contact our Consular Section by email (


Solicitud de visado Schengen en español

Solicitud de visado Schengen en inglés

Solicitud de visado Schengen bilingüe





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