Notary functions

Spanish Embassies overseas are tasked with exercising notary functions pursuant to the provisions of prevailing legislation.

Spanish Embassies overseas are tasked with exercising notary functions pursuant to the provisions of prevailing legislation (Article 5.f. of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, of 24 April 1963; Articles 11 and 734 of the Spanish Civil Code; Annex III of the Regulation on the Organisation and Regime for Notaries, of 2 June 1944).

The exercise of notary functions includes attesting under the same conditions as a Spanish notary public in Spain. It should be noted that, on a general basis, the provision of notary functions exercised by the Consul has no legal effects in the recipient State. Hence, these functions can only be justified when the object of the action by the Consul is in Spain or affects in some way private legal situations related to Spain, or when the interested party is a citizen of the same nationality as the Consul (i.e. Spanish).

In particular, the law empowers overseas Spanish Consuls to act in the following circumstances:
• Authorisation of powers of attorney granted by Spanish citizens or foreigners when the mandate seeks to carry out any valid legal action by the proxy in Spain. This is the instrument most frequently authorised by Consuls.

 • Authorisation of an open or closed will, which, in principle, can only be granted by the Consul for Spanish citizens (Article 734 of the Spanish Civil Code). Foreign citizens that wish to dispose of assets in Spain must resort, preferably, to a local notary public, who can correctly perform, as the case may be, an assessment of capacity in accordance with the personal law of the testator.

 • Authorisation of public instruments.

• Issue of certificates (attendance, reference, deeds, deposits, etc.).

• Performance of testimony by sighting the authenticity of copies of documents, testimony of validity of laws and testimony of legitimacy of signatures.
For the signing of a notarial deed at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Spain in Abu Dhabi, please read these instructions carefully.
The public deeds are written exclusively in Spanish. Foreign citizens, or when deemed appropriate by the Consul, must obtain the assistance of a sworn translator if required. If the document is complex or unusual, the embassy advices the counseling of a lawyer or expert in spanish laws.

You must fill in all the fields of the questionnaire and return it by email to the Notary Section of the Embassy. Attach copy of ID (passport or ID) of the participants, as well as specific details for each of the documents. Make sure that all the data incorporated into the questionnaire are correct, otherwise, the deed will not be valid in Spain later on.

At the request of the Consular Section, you shall submit more documents deemed necessary (other deeds, certifications of property records, commercial or civil certificates,etc.)

This Consular Section will agree with you the most appropriate formula to give legal form to your application and turn it into a deed. At the date of signing only the agreed document will be accepted for signing.

Remember that to sign a deed you should always take an appointment by email with the Notary Section of the Embassy ( On the date of signature you must come in person with their ID and/or passport.

Payment of all notarial deeds must be done in cash at the time of signature.

Types of notarial documents

It is common for applicants to submit a draft (minuta) to this Consular Section of what they want done by their lawyers or legal experts. It is recommended that this be done when the notarial deed is particularly complex or unusual.
Power of Attorney

It is the power given to another person to perform and execute certain legal acts on behalf of the principal. The power can be revoked, with an express indication of time or by a subsequent writing.

To grant a power to sell or to buy, you must identify the property in question with the location and the details of registration. In the case of vehicles, class, model, make, registration and chassis number.

The power to inheritance should indicate name and surname of the deceased, and the place and date of his death.

The powers granted to attorneys or prosecutors should indicate full name thereof, place of business, professional association to which they belong, and membership number.

If the power is given to collect a pension, you must specify your data.

If for marriage, shall indicate the Spanish Civil Registry handling the “expediente previo”, as well as full details of future wife/husband.
Marriage contract (economic provisions)

This is an agreement between spouses whose essential aim is to settle the provisions for the economic management of their different properties. They can also be granted by those not married but who plan to in the following year or by those already married that didn’t settle anything before.

Spouses can opt to choose one of the different management systems established by the Civil Code, not choose and be governed by the common law or configure their own one with no other restriction than ensuring equal rights among themselves.

The minutes reflect facts and circumstances that occurred in the presence of the notary or under his knowledge that, by their nature, are not subject to take the form of a contract.


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