National Police Check
The Consulate-General will only process Police Check applications for Spanish Nationals. If you are not a Spanish National you can obtain a National Police Check by any of the following options:
1. Power of Attorney. You can get a Power of Attorney in this Consulate-General in order to obtain your National Police Check in Spain (you will need to authorise somebody in Spain to collect your Police records. Please read points 4 and 5 from the instructions below).
2. Request your National Police Check directly to the Spanish Ministry of Justice. You can do that:
2.1. In person
2.2. By post
2.3. Online. (You'll need to use a Spanish Digital Certificate. Please bear in mind that this national police Check does not have the Apostille of the Hague.
*** You must follow at all times the instructions as stated by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. If you have any enquiries, you will have to contact them.
3. By hiring the services of a 'Gestoria' in Spain. Gestorias in Spain are companies that undertake administrative works of all kind. You can check a list of Gestorias in the following link.
Please follow the instructions to request a Spanish National Police check (For Spanish Nationals only):
  1.  Individuals who request a police check must come in person to the Consulate-General’s premises in Sydney. An appointment is not required for this procedure.
  2. You must be registered in the Consulate General according to your current situation in Australia (Whether its resident or non-resident). You will have to bring a photograph, Current Australian Visa and your Spanish passport.
  3. Applicants must bring an original and valid Spanish ID (passport or D.N.I)
  4. This procedure requires an official certified copy of a Spanish ID which will be undertaken by a Consular Officer. Please check here the exact fees and payment methods.
  5. Each individual will have to fill out a form with their personal details and must also appoint a representative (a friend, a relative etc.) in Spain who will collect their National Police check on their behalf. To do so, please bring the following information from the authorised person:
    • Full name and surname.
    • Spanish DNI number or Spanish passport number.
    • City where the certificate will be collected. This document can be collected either in the Central Register of Convicted Offenders and Fugitives (Madrid) or in the Judicial Administrative Management Offices throughout Spain. Please note that the certificate cannot be issued by the Consulate-General.


  • If you are in Spain, you can request a National Police Check by going to the Central Register of Convicted Offenders and Fugitives (in Madrid) or in any of the Judicial Administrative Management Offices throughout Spain. This option is valid for Spanish Nationals or Foreigners.




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