Life Certificate

Spanish pensioners living abroad must obtain every year, during the first quarter of the year (January to March), an ORIGINAL Life Certificate in order to continue receiving their pensions.

Spanish pensioners living abroad must obtain every year, during the first quarter of the year (January to March), an ORIGINAL Life Certificate in order to continue receiving their pensions.
IMPORTANT: Married women or widows must indicate their maiden name.

In accordance with current legislation, the Life Certificate can be obtained in the following ways:
1- By coming in person to the Consulate General of Spain in Sydney. This procedure requires the physical presence of the pensioner. An appointment is not required, however, before coming to the Consulate General, check our opening hours to the public. Pensioner will have to bring an original Spanish ID (Passport or DNI). Expired documents or copies will not be accepted.
The Consulate General will issue a Life Certificate to the pensioner. It is the pensioner's responsability to send the original Life Certificate to the corresponding Social Security Office in Spain. Pensions are managed by local offices of the Social Security in Spain. If you don't know the exact location of the office managing your pension, please check the correspondance that the Spanish Social Security sends every year to the pensioners. Those letters include the address of the office managing your pension. You can also check the addresses of the Offices of the Social Security in this document. Life Certificate for Spanish pensioners is free of cost.
2- In the event that a pensioner cannot come in person to the Consulate General (due to medical reasons, distance etc.) there are two options to obtain the Life Certificate:
A. Centrelink: The Spanish Social Security has an agreement with Centrelink Australia by which the Life Certificate can be obtained by following the instructions of this form. The document is written in Spanish and in English. Once the document is dully filled and signed, the pensioner will have to go to a local JP (justice of the Peace) who will certify that he is alive (the JP will sign and place an official seal to certify this act). The pensioner will then forward the form to the corresponding office of the Social Security in Spain (and NOT to the Consulate General in Sydney).  
Please note that to do this procedure it is NOT NECESSARY to go to Centrelink Offices.  Please read the information carefully and forward the document to Spain. It is advisable to send the document on a Registered envelope as well as keeping a photocopy  for your records, of the forwarded documents
IMPORTANT: In the event that the pensioner is not capable to fill out the form (e.g. for being in a nursing home, etc.) a next of kin or tutor can fill out the form on his/her behalf. Please check the instructions carefully.

B. Notarial certificate
A Life Certificate can also be obtained through an Australian Public Notary. The certificate will have to be sent to the corresponding office of the Social Security in Spain translated and with the Apostille of the Hague.


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