Life Certificate


The pensioners of the Spanish Social Security living abroad, must submit every year, during the first natural trimester, an ORIGINAL proof of life.
In the case of having recognized in its pension a complement of dependent spouse, an original proof of life of the spouse must be submitted. IMPORTANT: Married women or widows must indicate their maiden name.

In accordance with current legislation, the life proof can be obtained in three ways:
1º- By physical presence of the applicant in the Consulate General of Spain, and the issue of the corresponding life certificate. The life is accredited by the corresponding faith of the person in charge. It is neccesary the appearance of the applicant in the Consulate of its demarcation, and its identification through spanish I.D. (Passport or DNI).

Is responsible for issuing the life certificate the person in charge of the civil registration of the applicants home town.

2º- In those cases in which the physical presence of the applicant because of disease, age, distance or any other reason is not possible, there are two options:

a) Centrelink

The treasury of the Spanish Social Security has reached an agreement, by which life can be credited for purposes of collection of the pension with the Centrelink model “Life Certificate” (application form AUS061ES.1005).
IMPORTANT: To be valid in Spain, the application form must be sealed and signed by the australian competent authority, who will verify the life proof of the applicant. (According to the instructions on the form).

b) Notarial certificate

It is also possible to confirm the life proof with a notarial certificate of presence. The notarial certificate issued by an Australian notary must be translated oficially to Spanish and apostilled.
In any case, the applicant must refer the proof of life directly to the adress in Spain of the Social Security Office from which it receives its pension.


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