Driving License
The holders of a driving license issued in Spain that during the expiration date are abroad, can request an extension of its validity to the Directorate-General of Traffic (Dirección General de Tráfico).

This Consulate General does only perform a registration task for the renewal of the driving license, it doesnt take responsability of the documentation provided by the applicant, who must take care of the documentation required by the Directorate-General of Traffic (Dirección General de Tráfico).

1.- Application signed by the applicant without writing out of the box, with a sticked recent color photography, 32 x 26 mm size, with a plain background (not very light not very dark), taken frontwards and bareheaded, without glasses with dark lenses or another garment that can complicate the identification of that person. The application can be requested in the consulate.

2.- Driving license the applicant wants to renew.

3.- A photocopy of the spanish national identity document (even though its expired). If you do not have a valid Spanish national identity document, a valid copy of the Spanish passport must be given.

4.- Original medical certificate properly filled by a doctor of the country were the applicant is. The certificate must have a recent picture of the applicants face.

5.- Copy of the payment ticket of the fee according to the annual rates:
€23,20 (2014 rate).
How to make the payment:

The payment will be done by a bank transfer to the account below indicated, opened exclusively in the name of the Traffic Central Headquarters for the payment of driving license renewals abroad:
Banco Santander Central Hispano.
Calle Conde de Peñalver 46, 28006, Madrid, Spain.
C.C: 0049 5103 79 2616578716
IBAN: ES23 0049 5103 7926 1657 8716

In the transfer description it must be included in this order the following information:
a. Spanish National Identity number.
b. Surname and name.
c. Driving license renewal fee.
6.- If you wish, you can provide us with a Registered Post indicating your name and current address in Australia and we will post your renewed drivers license as soon as we receive it. ​


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