Powers of Attorney
In order to obtain a Power of Attorney at this Consulate General you should contact our Notary Department and detail your full name, nationality, a copy of your passport, identification number or drivers license and full address. Additionally  the appointed representative´s full name, nationality, passport number or identification number and full address in Spain.

We  will also need to know what type of Power of Attorney you require, for example litigations,  general,  sale, purchase,  acceptance of inheritance, etc. 

We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an appointment  to sign the Power of Attorney at this office. 

If you live outside of Sydney, alternatively, the procedure is as follows: You can obtain a Power of Attorney through an Australian Public Notary. For recognition in Spain you would need to have it translated  into Spanish by an official translator and take it to Foreign Affairs  to  be stamped with the Apostille of The Hague.


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