Applicants with Hukou of Shanghái, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui y Jiangxi

This kind of visa is intended for applicants who wish to:

a) Carry out or extend studies in an authorized centre, in a full/time program, with the purpose of obtaining a diploma or Studies Certificate.

b) Carry out research or academic work. This does not apply to the special regime for researchers. 

c) Participate in study mobility programs, following a Secondary Education or High School Program in an officially recognized centre.

d) Carry out non/professional activities (trainee) in a public or private organization..

e) Participate in volunteer services, within a program of general interest objects.

Main requirements:


National visa application form filled out in block capitals or typed and signed by the applicant. Copy of the first page of the application form which will be stamped by the consular office and returned to the applicant as a receipt. It must include some contact information. It is advisable that a contact telephone number and the e-mail address appear next to the applicant’s address.


      Two recent passport-size color photographs with white background.

Hukou or residence permit in China, original and photocopy of all the pages, with Spanish translation.


Documentary accreditation of having been admitted to carry out an activity for this type of visa specified in article 38.1 letters a.b and c of the R.D. 557/2011.

In the case of realization of non-work placements, letter d), the applicant must show documentary evidence that he has been admitted to carry out unremunerated training on the basis of the signing of an agreement, in a public or private Company or in an officially recognized Vocational Training Centre.

In the case of the provision of a voluntary service, letter e), the applicant must submit an agreement signed with the organization in charge of the volunteer program, including a description of the activities and the conditions for carrying them out, the schedule to be fulfilled, as well as the resources available to cover your trip, food and lodging during your stay. The organization must have subscribed liability insurance for its activities.

The certificate of applicant’s academic qualification submitted must be translated and legalized. As well as accrediting a student profile.


Valid Passport or travel document recognized as valid in Spain with a minimum validity for the entire period for which the visa is requested and at least two blank pages.


The applicant must prove an amount that represents the 100% of IPREM for his/her cost of living.

For dependent relatives, a monthly quantity of 75% of the IPREM for the first dependent and the 50% for each of the rest, or its equivalent in foreign currency, unless that it is dully proven that the accommodation is paid in advance for the entire duration of the stay.

In case it is a student mobility program, it must include provisions that guarantee that the support of the foreigner is insured within it.

Accreditation of the availability of sufficient financial means for subsistence during the time of stay in Spain may be done by submitting one of the following documents translated into Spanish:

a) Salary certificate of the last six months
b) Proofs of additional income (income from leasing, income from bank deposits, income from company shares, etc.)
c) Bank certification with the bank account movements of the last 6 months.
d) Scholarship or financial  aid.
e) Any other document that the applicants considers relevant in order to prove his/her financial means.


All risks coverage of the health care of the applicant and the dependents, without copay.


The accommodation will be accredited by presenting one of the following documents, all of which must include the exact address:

a) Certificate of the Residence Hall or Residence.
b) Any other document that proves the accommodation, as a rental contract.


• In the case of specialized studies in the health field, applicants must prove they are awarded a place under the provisions of Royal Decree 1146/2006, 6th of October, which regulates the special employment relationship of residence for the training of specialists in Health Sciences.

• All the documentation presented to apply for a visa that requires translation and legalization, must be translated into Spanish before notary public, and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China and the General Consulate of Spain in Shanghái. The double legalization must be requested at the local Foreign Office of China, once the first legalization is done, the document will be sent by the body to the General Consulate of Spain in Shanghái for its second legalization. The collection of the document will be carried out at the local Foreign Office by the applicant.

• Documents without the translation and legalization of the original documents will not be accepted.

• Original and copies of the original documents must be submitted.

• During the visa process, this General Consulate may require applicant’s personal attendance and, when necessary, maintain a personal interview to identify their identity, the arrival of the documentation and the veracity of the reason for the visa application.

• The submission of false documents will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities.
• Passport will be delivered to the applicant through EMS Courier Company, upon payment of 30 RMB through Alipay to the aforementioned company, 40 RMB if the address is outside Shanghái. Payment will be made at the moment of the visa application at the General Consulate.

• The payment of the visa fee will be made in cash, credit cards or other means of payments are not accepted.

• Likewise, once the visa has been collected, the applicant must enter Spanish territory within the validity period of the visa.

• Photocopies of passports, and of all the documents in which can be possible, must be submitted double-sided so they occupy the smallest possible volume.

• Minors who want to study in Spain without their parents, they must take a Notary Certificate of authorization in which they authorize their child to study in Spain, indicating the study center where the child will study and the length of the period, in addition to designating a guardian who will take care of the minor during his stay in Spain.

You may arrange an appointment through the following link:


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