Temporary resident permit for self-employment



1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION: it will be done in person and by arranging an appointment through the following email cog.shanghai.vis@maec.es (Please do NOT attach any documents).
This situation refers to foreigners above the age of 18 authorized to stay in Spain for a period over 90 days and under 5 years for self-employment. The process has two stages: A) “Initial Authorization of temporary residence for self-employment” and B) “residence and employment visa application”.


A) Initial Authorization of temporary residence for self-employment

1) Application for a “temporary residence for self-employed authorization”, according to the official form EX07.
2) Supporting documents proving the compliance of the demanded requirements. In particular:
􀂃 Valid passport (original and photocopy of all the pages).
􀂃 Authorizations and licenses necessary for the installation, opening and operation of the planned activity or for professional purposes, including the application certificates before the relevant organisms (govt. bodies or organizations).
􀂃 Accredited training or proof of capacity, and where appropriate, legally required professional qualification for the professional activity.
􀂃 Business plan or Work project to be engaged in, describing the planned investment, expected profitability and expected number of jobs.
􀂃 Payment of fees for the procedures.

B) Residence and employment visa application.

1) Within a month upon notification of the granted “temporal resident permit for self-employment”, the applicant shall bring a copy of it along with a National visa application form. The form must be filled out in block capitals or typed, (no Chinese characters). It must include some contact information (mobile phone, email) to be used in case of notifications and requirements. A photocopy of the first page of the application form shall be enclosed. It will be stamped by the consular office and returned to the applicant as a receipt.
2) One recent passport-size color photograph (3.5 X 4.5 cm) with white background
3) Hukou: original and photocopy of all the pages, with Spanish translation.
4) Ordinary passport with at least four months validity and with at least two blank pages.
5) Criminal Record Certificate or its equivalent, issued by the authorities from the applicant’s country/es of origin or residence for the last five years, translated and legalized (original and photocopy). This document has three months validity.
6) Health Certificate, certifying that the applicant does not suffer from any disease potentially dangerous to public health according to the International Health Regulation from 2005 translated and legalized (original and photocopy).

• Please DO NOTE that all the documents must be translated into Spanish.
• This Consulate General may summon the applicant for a personal interview when deemed necessary. It also reserves itself the right to request any further additional documents as considered necessary.
• Providing additional documents: the deadline for submitting additional documents and/or any other additionally required materials is 10 working days.
• Applicants may pick up their visas in person within a month upon visa issuance communication. Failure to do so may be considered as renunciation to the visa
• The applicant must enter Spanish territory within the three-month entry period specified in the visa.
• Within three months after legal entry in Spain, the employer/ self-employed worker must start his affiliation and contribute to the corresponding system of the Social Security.
• The information printed on the visa should be checked by the applicant upon its collection​


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