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1.- In order to PREPARE the documents, follow carefully the instructions that you wil find on our information pages, at "CONSULAR SERVICES", in this Website.


2.- Once the documents ready, SUBMIT them following one of these options:
  • To submit a Visa Application,

The Visa Section of the Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco will consider applications IN PERSON AND BY APPOINTMENT for all kind of visas. 

Please note that ONE APPOINTMENT is required PER APPLICANT. Family members have to apply for as many appointments as persons seeking a visa.
Due to the temporary lack of human resources and the high number of visa applications received at this consular office, we recommend you to schedule an appointment and to process your visa application with sufficient time for your planned trip to the Schengen Area.
Nevertheless, we will do our best to help with your visa requests.

To book a visa appointment, please click on the following link 

and enter:   APP.BOOKITIT.COM


  • For procedures on Spanish Citizenship and Notary, book your appointment by email to: 
    • Spanish Nationality (citizenship application, conservation and recovery):
    • Notarized documents (Deeds, Power of Attorney):​​
 ​Note that the procedures not listed above do not need a previous appointment and will be attended by strict order of arrival to this consular office during the hours of public attention.


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