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1.- In order to PREPARE the documents, follow carefully the instructions that you wil find on our information pages, at "CONSULAR SERVICES", in this Website.


2.- Once the documents ready, SUBMIT them following one of these options:
  • To submit a Visa Application,

The Visa Section of the Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco will consider applications IN PERSON AND BY APPOINTMENT for all kind of visas. Please note that ONE APPOINTMENT is required PER APPLICANT. Family members have to apply for as many appointments as persons seeking a visa.
Due to the temporary lack of human resources and the high number of visa applications received at this consular office, we recommend you to schedule an appointment and to process your visa application with sufficient time for your planned trip to the Schengen Area.
Nevertheless, we will do our best to help with your visa requests.

o book a visa appointment, please enter:

  • For procedures on Civil Registry, Spanish Citizenship and Notary, book your appointment by email to This section includes the following matters: 
    • Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
    • Certificates form the San Francisco Consular Civil Registration (including certificates of birth, marriage and death). Those procedures do not required appointment, but you should send your application to the same email.
    • Civil Registration Modifications
    • Spanish Nationality (citizenship application, conservation and recovery)
    • Notarized documents (Deeds, Power of Attorney)  


  • The following matters do not require appointment
  • Consular Registration and Passports. This includes the following:
    • Consular registration and unregistration.
    • Passport renewal, substitution or first issuance)
    • Consular Certificate of Residency or cancellation of a registry 
    • Criminal Record Certificate for Spanish Citizens
    • Life and Marital Status Certificate
    • Certificates of Non-residency in Spain for Foreigners 
    • Procedures about Elections in Spain
    • Certification of Copies and Translations


. FNMT Electronic Certificate
. NIE and NIF
. Hunting Permit in Spain
. Driving License
. Reception of documents to be forwarded to Spanish public offices
. Transportation of Mortal Remains


If your procedure is not included in the lists, make your appointment through our email



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