The Visa Section of the Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco will consider applications IN PERSON AND BY APPOINTMENT for all kind of visas. Please note that ONE APPOINTMENT is required PER APPLICANT. Family members have to apply for as many appointments as persons seeking a visa.

Due to the temporary lack of human resources and the high number of visa applications received at this consular office, we recommend you to schedule an appointment and to process your visa application with sufficient time for your planned trip to the Schengen Area with a minimum of eight weeks before the date of your departure from the United States.

To make an appointment visit

For additional information about visas, please check the information below.


At the time of your appointment, you must present the following:

  1. Printed confirmation of your appointment 
  2. Fees 2017 01 01.pdfFees 2017 01 01.pdf (exact cash or money order)
  3. Completed Visa application form (Photo requirements)
  4. All documentation required for the visa which you are applying for:

Short Stay (Tourism and Business Visa)

Long Stay (National Visa)

Please take one minute to review our Frequently Asked Questions, where you will find most of the information needed to go through this process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not bring these items, you will NOT be allowed to pass through security at the entrance to the Consulate.

To check the status of your visa, visit: with your personal code given at your interview. No information will be provided over the phone regarding the status of the visa.


To collect your visa in person: Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm ONLY (no appointment needed)

Information for EU citizens and Family:



  • 24 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @JessicaKnauss Thanks for your email. We are sorry, but visa appointments are only by bookitit. Info
  • 22 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @4Knowlej Thank for your twit. You will find information in our Website
  • 18 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @STangeda Thank you for your twit. Since there are appointment cancellations, we recommend applicants to check every day for free slots.
  • 17 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @WhitMoses Thank you for your twit. By accessing our appointment service provider BOOKITIT, if needed several times.
  • 16 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @momobracey We regret, but no walk ins. Please book an appointment through our service provider 'Bookitit'. There are cancellations.
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  • 13 May @ConsuladoEspSF * @AntonioMila1 Thank you for your twit. Best time is early hours, every day. We really wish you can soon book an appointment.
  • 09 May @ConsuladoEspSF * Europe Day. Tomorrow, in our web, you'll find the op-ed 'Europe is our common future ', signed by eleven EU Consul General in San Francisco.
  • 09 May @ConsuladoEspSF * Día de Europa. Mañana en web Consulado editorial firmado once consules generales EU en San Francisco, 'Europe is our common future'.
  • 06 May @ConsuladoEspSF * Sábado 6 mayo 2017 en #HerbstTheatre en #SanFrancisco a las 7:30 pm recital del pianista español Javier Perianes
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  • 28 Apr @ConsuladoEspSF * The Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco will be closed on Monday, May 1st, Spanish Labor Day.
  • 28 Apr @ConsuladoEspSF * El Consulado General de España en San Francisco estará cerrado el lunes 1 de mayo, Fiesta del Trabajo, por ser feriado en calendario laboral
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