We suggest that you review in advance the list of documents required for the type of visa you wish to apply for, which is located at the bottom of this page.
 It is recommended to have prepared all the documentation required at the time of submission of the application, to avoid extending the processing times of your visa.
Before you can request an appointment, you must send an email to the following address::
In the email, you must include a clear photo of you next to your international passport (the data of the same must be legible), as indicated in the following image without exceeding 1MB in size.
ID solicitnate.jpg

 In the text body, you should include the following data:
- Passport number.                EXAMPLE: 77777777
- Contact email address.   EXAMPLE:
- Phone number.                                       EXAMPLE: 88888888888
- Name and surname of the applicant in capital letters.  EXAMPLE: KAREN BUTTER
- Type of visa you wish to apply for.                  EXAMPLE: STUDENT VISA
Only one appointment will be given per person and passport. Each applicant must send an email separately, even if they are minors.
Documents attached to the email, must be sent in separate pdf documents according to each of the requirements required for obtaining the visa you are applying for. In order not to delay the revision of your documentation it is recommended that you name each document with yours name followed by the contents of the document. Example KAREN BUTTER- Letter of Acceptance
IMPORTANT: Before sending the mail you must have the key documentation for the visa that is requested, for example:
. Student: acceptance letter
. Employment: authorization
. Investment for the acquisition of property: certification with continuous domain and charges information from Registry of Property corresponding to the property or real estate.
. Business: letter invitation company in Spain
Please note that the size limit for attachments is 2 MB.
After providing all the information, you will receive as soon as possible an email with the corresponding instructions for submitting your application. In case it necessary to present your request in person, user indications, password and link will be provided to you to make effective your registration in the dating program.
Once you receive the confirmation email with your access code, you will need to scheduled the date and time of your appointment at the following link: IN PROGRESS
If you have already made an appointment for a certain date, but wish to change it, you must access the appointment system with the username and password that was previously sent to you, cancel your already confirmed appointment ("History and Cancellations") and choose a new available date. The Consulate cannot make a new appointment or change the dates in case of cancellation.
If you wish to cancel your appointment, please do it within 4 days in advance. Applicants who have not cancelled their appointments and do not attend it will pass into a waiting list, if they wish to request a new appointment.
If you are an applicant for a student visa, please scheduled your appointment at least 3 months prior to  the start date of your course

As a reminder that the collection of the passport with the national visa can only be done by the applicant personally.
You can find out how long your visa will take in the visa guidelines below, times vary for different visa types.

Application Forms

Schengen Visa Application ENGLISH.pdfSchengen Visa Application ENGLISH.pdf

National Visa Application ENGLISH.pdfNational Visa Application ENGLISH.pdf


The following forms are only required for Long Term Residence visas, please only complete if required to do so as part of your visa application process.





Visa Guidelines

Schengen Visas - for tourism or business

Schengen Tourist Visa Guidelines.pdfSchengen Tourist Visa Guidelines.pdf


Long Term Visas

Au Pair Visa Guidelines.pdfAu Pair Visa Guidelines.pdf

Capital Investors Visa Guidelines.pdfCapital Investors Visa Guidelines.pdf

Dependent of a Student Visa Guidelines.pdfDependent of a Student Visa Guidelines.pdf

Entrepreneur Visa Guidelines.pdfEntrepreneur Visa Guidelines.pdf

Exception Work Visa Guidelines.pdfException Work Visa Guidelines.pdf

Language Assistant Visa Guidelines.pdfLanguage Assistant Visa Guidelines.pdf

Non Lucrative Visa Guidelines.pdfNon Lucrative Visa Guidelines.pdf

Real Estate Visa Guidelines.pdfReal Estate Visa Guidelines.pdf

Religious Activities Visa Guidelines.pdfReligious Activities Visa Guidelines.pdf

Retirement Visa Guidelines.pdfRetirement Visa Guidelines.pdf

Student Visa for Minors (Under 18 Years) Guidelines.pdfStudent Visa for Minors (Under 18 Years) Guidelines.pdf

Student Visa Guidelines.pdfStudent Visa Guidelines.pdf

Work Visa Guidelines.pdfWork Visa Guidelines.pdf


Additional Information


Medical Certificate of Good Health.pdfMedical Certificate of Good Health.pdf


Is my visa ready?

The Consulate is unable to provide updates on the status of your visa application via email or telephone due to the high demand of our resources. We therefore invite you to: check the status of your visa application. In order to check the status of your visa application, please follow the instructions as shown on your visa receipt given to you by the Consulate General when you submitted your application. Under the bar code you will find your unique reference number to access your visa tracking.
Before continuing with your visa application, we suggest taking a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) where you can find more information to help you through the process.
For any other type of visa not listed above, please contact the Consulate via email in order to obtain more information about the specific requirements of your visa. You should let us know the type of visa you would like to apply for as well as your country of nationality and intended departure date to Spain. Please send an email to:


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