Non-Lucrative Temporary Residence Visa
 (arts. 45 – 51 and 162 of the Real Decreto 557/2011)
The application must be done in person and by arranging an appointment through the following email  (Please do NOT attach any documents). 
1. National visa application form, filled out in block capitals or typed, with no Chinese characters. It must include some contact information (mobile phone, email) to be used in case of notifications or requirements. A photocopy of the first page of the application form shall be enclosed. It will be stamped by the consular office and returned to the applicant as a receipt.
2. One recent passport-size colour photograph (3.5 X 4.5 cm) with white background.
3. Hukou: original and photocopy of all the pages, with a Spanish translation. 4. Ordinary passport with at least one year validity. 5. Photocopy of all the passport pages. 6. For applicants over the age of criminal responsibility, Criminal Record Certificate or its equivalent, issued by the authorities from the applicant’s country/es of origin or residence for the last five years, translated and legalised (original and photocopy). This document has three months validity.
7. Health Certificate, issued by one of the medical centres designated by this General Consulate, certifying that the applicant does not suffer from any disease potentially dangerous for public health according to the International Health Regulation from 2005 (original and photocopy).
8. Documents proving sufficient economic resources for the applicant's whole stay in Spain, including, where necessary, his/her family, without the need to work or perform any professional activity. The minimum quantity is 2.151,36 Euros per month (400% of the IPREM monthly index, to consult in the next years), with a 537,84 Euros increase (100% from IPREM) for each family member that accompanies the applicant.
9. Public or private Health Insurance in coordination with an insurer authorized to operate in Spain.
• Please DO NOTE that all the documents must be translated into Spanish.
• The corresponding Delegation or Sub-delegation of the Spanish Government will decide on the approval or refusal of the visa application, which will be sent from the Consular Office within a month of its reception. If no resolution is communicated
 within the specified period, it shall be considered as unfavourable.
• The processing time for applications is three months.
• This Consulate General may summon the applicant for a personal interview when deemed necessary.
• This Consulate General reserves itself the right to request any further additional documents as considered necessary.
• Providing additional documents: the deadline for submitting additional documents and/or any other additionally required materials is 10 working days.
• Applicants may pick up their visas in person within a month upon visa issuance communication. Failure to do so may be considered as renunciation to the visa.
• The visa will include the initial authorization of residence and its validity will start upon entry in Spanish territory.
• The applicant must enter Spanish territory within the three-month entry period specified in the visa.
• The applicant must personally apply for the Spanish Foreigner ID at the corresponding Immigration Office or Police Station within a month after entry.
• The information printed on the visa should be checked by the applicant upon its collection. The collection of the visa entails the tacit acceptance of the information contained therein.
Note: The purchase of a real state property (or the intention of purchasing it) does not necessarily guarantee the concession of a visa or the renewal of a resident permit. Besides, do note that the resident permit will be extinguished once the resident permit holder remains outside Spanish territory for more than 6 months per year.


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