Residence Visa For Family Reunification
(Arts. 52 to 61 RD. 557/2011)
1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION: the application must be done in person and by arranging an appointment through the following email (Please do NOT attach any documents). In the case of minors, the application and visa collection can be done by their parents or legal guardians, or by an authorised person.
A) The procedure is started in Spain, once the foreigner reunifying has had a residence authorization for one year and has applied for a renewal (for at least one more year) of his Spanish residence card. The type of family members that can be reunited is listed on the Art. 53 of the RD 557/2011 (BOE Nº 103 DE 30/4/2011)
B) Visa application by the relative to be reunified, within two months after the initial authorisation for temporary residence has been notified to the foreigner reunifying.
1. A National visa application form, filled out in block capitals or typed, (no Chinese characters). It must include some contact information (mobile phone, email) to be used in case of notifications and requirements. A photocopy of the first page of the application form shall be enclosed. It will be stamped by the consular office and returned to the applicant as a receipt.
2. One recent passport-size colour photograph (3.5 X 4.5 cm) with white background.
3. Hukou: original and photocopy of all the pages, with Spanish translation
4. Ordinary passport (or exceptionally a “public affairs/service/diplomatic passport”) with at least four months’ validity, and photocopy of all the pages.
5. Original and photocopy of the initial authorisation for temporary residence letter sent to the foreigner reunifying and a duly legalised photocopy of his/her residence card. The validity of this document is two months after notification.
6. All documents (original and photocopy) proving the kinship, the family ties or the existence of a legally binding relationship, as well as the age and legal or economic dependence, if any.
• For spouses, original and copy of the Chinese marriage certificate and a legalised and translated affidavit of recent (six months or less) kinship. If there are children, original and copy of the Chinese birth certificate and a legalised and translated birth affidavit (original and copy). For the spouse’s children, a legalised and translated certificate proving the exclusive paternal authority or custody. If the other parent also lives in Spain, a certified photocopy of his/her residence permit and of all of his/her passport pages. For adopted children, a legalised and translated affidavit proving the adoption.
If the reunifying foreigner (the applicant´s spouse in Spain) had been married before, the applicant must provide notary affidavit of divorce of each of his/her previous marriages. Notary affidavit must be legalized.
• When only one of the spouses is included on the initial authorisation for temporary residence, a legalised and translated affidavit by which the remaining spouse agrees to the reunification of the minors.
• For dependant relatives over the age of 65, documentary proof that the relative resident in Spain has financially supported his relative for up to one year prior to the application, as well as any other reasons proving the actual need to authorise his/her residence in Spain, and certificate of the retirement pension income, if any.
• Criminal Record Certificate or its equivalent, for applicants over the age of criminal responsibility, issued by the authorities from the applicant’s country/ies of origin or residence for the last five years, translated and legalised (original and photocopy). This document has three months’ validity.
• Health certificate (original and photocopy) Health Certificate, issued by one of the medical centres designated by this General Consulate, certifying that the applicant does not suffer from any disease requiring quarantine according to the International Sanitary Regulation.
• Two envelopes with the applicant’s address (in Chinese). One of the envelopes must be  prepaid, 6’80 RMB if the address is from Beijing city and 7’20 RMB if the address is from outside Beijing.
• Please DO NOTE that all the documents must be translated into Spanish.
• All applications are considered individually; therefore each applicant must bring an example of all the required documents.
• This Consulate General may summon the applicant for a personal interview when deemed necessary and reserves itself the right to request any further additional documents as considered necessary.
• Providing additional documents: the deadline for submitting additional documents and/or any other additionally required materials is 10 working days.
• The processing time for applications is two months, after which the application will be automatically rejected (without notification).
• Applicants may collect their visas in person within two months upon notice of visa issuance.
• The applicant must enter Spanish territory within the entry period specified in the visa. The applicant must personally apply for the Spanish Foreigner ID (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) within a month after entry in Spain.
• The information printed on the visa should be checked by the applicant upon its collection. The collection of the visa entails the tacit acceptance of the information contained therein.
The following family members/relatives are eligible for family reunification:
a) His/her spouse, as long as they are not legally or de facto separated and their marriage has not been solemnised in violation of the Law. Foreign residents in Spain who are remarried are required to prove the legal dissolution of their previous marriages.
b) The person who has a relationship with the applicant comparable/equal to marriage (de facto couple), if:
1.  Such relationship has been duly registered in the relevant registry office and the registration is still valid.
2. The validity of an unregistered relationship established prior to the applicant’s residence in Spain is proved.
c) The applicant’s children or his spouse’s/de facto couple’s, including adopted ones, as long as they are under 18 years old at the date of applying for the authorisation for residence, or if they are disabled and lacking the ability to provide for themselves owing to their health condition. In the case of adoptive children, it shall be required for the court ruling/resolution/decision by which the adoption was established to be valid under Spanish law.
d) Those people of whom the applicant is the legal representative as long as they are under 18 years old at the date of applying for the authorisation for residence, or if they are disabled.
e) The applicant’s or his spouse’s/de facto couple’s parents, as long as they are under his/her care, over 65 years old and there exist reasons which justify the need to authorise their residence in Spain.


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