Residence Visa For Students


(Articles. 37 – 44 of the Real Decreto 557/2011)


  1. APPLICATION SUBMISSION: it will be done in person, or authorize a certain person and by arranging an appointment through the following email (Please do NOT attach any documents).
Who can apply for this kind of visa?
Any foreigner who has been entitled to stay in Spain, with the only or main object of carrying out any of the following activities:
a)  Carry out or extend studies in an authorised centre, in a full-time program, with the pursue of obtaining a diploma or Studies Certificate.
b)  Carry out research or training in an officially recognised centre. This does not apply to the special regime for researchers.
c)  Participate in study mobility programs, following a Secondary Education or high school program in an officially recognised centre, in which the organisation is responsible for the student during his/her stay, also selecting the family or organisation in which the student is going to stay.
d)  Carry out non-professional activities (trainee) in a public or private organisation, on the basis of an agreement.
e)  Participate in volunteer services, within a program of general interest objects, on the basis of an agreement with the organisation in charge of the programme. The organisation must have subscribed a liability insurance (not necessary if the service is performed in the frame of European Volunteer Service).
1)  National visa application form, for activities of more than 90 days duration; or a Schengen visa application form (short-term) for activities under 90 days. The form must be filled out in block capitals or typed, (no Chinese characters). It must include some contact information (mobile phone, email) to be used in case of notifications and requirements. A photocopy of the first page of the application form shall be enclosed. It will be stamped by the consular office and returned to the applicant as a receipt.
2)    One recent passport-size colour photograph (3.5 X 4.5 cm) with white background.
3)    Hukou: original and photocopy of all the pages, with Spanish translation. If the hukou has been issued within the year before the visa application, a copy of the former hukou must be submitted. If the applicant is not registered in the same hukou as his/her parents, a power of attorney -translated and legalised- proving the kinship must be submitted (original and photocopy).
4)    Ordinary passport which validity covers all the planned stay period, and with at least two blank pages, and photocopy of all the pages.
5)    All documents proving that the applicant meets all the requirements and matches one of the profiles described above, a) to e). Specifically for profile a), acceptation letter issued by the center where the applicant will study, stating province and starting and ending dates for the activity.
6)    Content of the plan of study, training or research that will be followed in Spain.
7)    The applicant must prove an adequate level of comprehension in the Spanish language, or in the language in which the studies are going to be taught. The reference level is the A2 level in the Common European Framework (ALTE).
A2 Spanish language level is included in the curriculum guidelines (   of the Instituto Cervantes, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. In PR China, Instituto Cervantes offers learning programs adapted to obtain that degree. It also offers SIELE (International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language) assessments and DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) tests, aimed to officially certify Spanish language levels according to the framework of reference. Find more information on Instituto Cervantes in PR China, whose certificates and degrees are worldwide recognized to prove Spanish language knowledge and proficiency, through this link:
8)    Copy of the applicant’s academic qualification, translated and legalised (original and photocopy). I.e. Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Occupational Training, College Education, etc.
9)    Documents (I.e. Bank Certifications, property deeds) that prove financial means to cover the costs of stay and return to the country of origin (of the applicant and his/her relatives, if any). The monthly minimum quantity must represent the 100% of the IPREM: 537’84 Euros in 2018 (consult for following years). For dependant relatives, a monthly quantity of 75% of the IPREM for the first dependant and the 50% for each of the rest. In case that the applicant has been granted a scholarship, the amount of its endowment shall be considered in the previous calculation. This Consulate General may require the applicant to prove the full payment of the course if considered necessary. Bank deposits established in the current year will not be accepted.
10) Applicant’s Certificate of Employment, or, failing that, Certificate of Employment of those relatives he/she depends on, translated into Spanish or English and including job position, salary, signature of the supervisor, stamp of the company and contact information of this person.
11) For students under 18 travelling alone, Notary Certificate of authorisation from both parents or legal guardians, translated and legalised, (original and photocopy). This certificate must include the name of the centre in charge of the activity and the expected period of stay.
12) For stays over 180 days and for applicants over the age of criminal responsibility, Criminal Record Certificate or its equivalent, issued by the authorities from the applicant’s country/ies of origin or residence for the last five years, translated and legalised (original and photocopy). This document has three months validity.
13) For stays under 90 days, Travel Health Insurance, individual or collective, covering the entire length of the intended stay. The insurance must cover all the expenses for medical assistance and repatriation arising from accidents or sudden illness. The minimum coverage of the insurance shall be 30,000 Euros (or its equivalent in RMB).
14) For stays over 90 days, public or private Health Insurance contracted with an insurer authorised to operate in Spain.
15) For stays over 180 days, Health Certificate, issued by one of the medical centres designated by this General Consulate, certifying that the applicant does not suffer from any disease potentially dangerous for public health according to the International Health Regulation from 2005 (original and photocopy).
16) Two envelopes with the address (written in Chinese). One of the envelopes must be prepaid, 6.80 RMB if the address is in Beijing  city and 7.20 RMB if the address is from outside Beijing.
·         Please DO NOTE that all the documents must be translated into Spanish.
·         The processing time for applications is 15 days for stays under 90 days and 1 month for stays over 90 days.
·         This Consulate General may summon the applicant for a personal interview when deemed necessary, and it also reserves itself the right to request any further additional documents as considered necessary.
·         Providing additional documents: the deadline for submitting additional documents and/or any other additionally required materials is 10 working days.
·         Applicants may pick up their visas in person within two months upon visa issuance communication. Failure to do so may be considered as renunciation to the visa.
·         The visa will include the authorization of residence and its validity will start upon entry in Spanish territory.
·         The applicant must enter Spanish territory within the three-month entry period specified in the visa.
·         In the case of stays over six months, the applicant must personally aply for the Spanish Foreign ID (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) at the corresponding Provincial Brigade of Borders and Immigration - Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Fronteras - within a month after entry.
·         The information printed on the visa should be checked by the applicant upon its collection. The collection of the visa entails the tacit acceptance of the information contained therein.
·         Real Decreto 557/2011:
·         IPREM:




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