Powers of attorney and other documents
​Notarial Acts
Important: At this consulate, public and notarized documents can only be provided to and drafted for the people who reside in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
The formalization of notarized documents, that ought to be valid before Spanish organizations and authorities, can be obtained by either of the following two processes:
1) For the concession of notarized documents at this Consulate
- Spanish citizens whom wish to obtain notarized public documents must be enlisted in this Consulate's Registry for Spanish citizens prior to requesting said public documents.
- The applicant must complete the notary form and email it to cog.nuevayork@maec.es 
- Applicant should also email, in case they have it, (along with notary form) a drafted document (it is known as the minuta), in Word format, written by a notary or lawyer in Spain. The minuta must contain all the clauses that specify the effects of which, once fully revised, will be incorporated into the deed that will be granted before the consul general.
- The day when you come to retrieve your public document you must bring your passport and a money order, which can be obtained at the post office, that covers the fee for the document you have requested.
Appointments for the drafting and retrieval of notarized documents will only be given to those who have sent the requested forms and have the documents asked of above.
Appointments are assigned by order of first come, first serve. The waiting time will depend on the number of people who come and request an appointment as well as the number of notary´s we have available. If one cannot afford to wait for an appointment, we ask that you consider a second option, of which is specified below.
To know the fee´s for the money orders mentioned, please click here.
2) For the concession of notarized public documents before an American notary and subsequent legalization under the Hague Convention (this legalization can also be known as an apostille)
In this case, actions taking place specifically at the Consulate are not necessary. The process consists of having a US notary verify your document, also known as the minuta, prepared by your lawyer or notary in Spain. The document must clearly explain that the public document will be used exclusively in Spain to the US notary.
Once the public document is granted, the Hague Convention Apostille must be attained. This process is carried out at the Secretary of State´s office of the residing state of your public notary.

Once the public document is accompanied by the apostille, it will be valid in Spain and there will be no need for the acquirement of other documents.

To learn more information about the Hague Convention Apostille and to know which public notary is the closest to you, please refer to the following document: Apostille.​


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