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Legalizations New York


• Legalization of documents
• Legalization of translations

• Certificate of good standing 
• Authentication of signature
• Legalization of photocopies 
• Affidavits and other certificates
• Criminal Records Certificate


Apostille of The Hague Convention issued by the US Department of State

United States is a member of the Hague Convention, therefore the American documents that needs to be legalized in order to be accepted by the Spanish authorities must bear the Hague Apostille, issued by  the US State Department of each State.

Please refer to the links below for the offices of the State Department under our jurisdiction:






Spanish documents that need to be legalized in order to be accepted by American authorities must bear the Apostille of the Hague Convention.



This Consulate General is authorized to verify translations of documents written in English or Spanish certifying the authenticity between the translation and the original text, but we do not have a translation service.

Translation of documents that need to be presented in Spain must be translated by a “Intérprete Jurado” (Sworn Interpreter) certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and therefore does not need to be legalized by this consulate. Please find here the list of sworn translators/interpreters in Spain.

The person who needs to verify a translation would provide the original document to an official translator, and then the Consulate will only verifies and certifies its accuracy.

To verify translation of documents that need to be presented in the United States, you would need to bring the following documents:

• The original document and its photocopy.
• Translation of the document.
• The original document will be returned the same day. The verified translation together with the consular payment receipt will be return to you in 5 working days.
• Money Order made out to the Consulate General of Spain for the exact consular fee.

Fees: The applicable fee to issue the mentioned certificate can be found in the consular fees section.


Please remember that any official US document must bear the Hague Apostille in order to be accepted by the Spanish authorities. The Hague Apostille is issued by the US authorities. The State Department of each State is where you will be able to obtain the Hague Apostille.


The Consulate can issue the certificate of good standing for legally established companies in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Applicants must present the following documents in the Consulate:
- the "Certificate of Status" of the company issued by the Secretary of State;
- the statutes of the company;
- if the company is also registered in Delaware: the statutes registered in that state;
- a money order from a post office (USPS) to pay the fee;
- in case of applying by mail: a prepaid and self-addressed label or envelope to receive the certificate and the original documents back.

Fees: the applicable fee to issue the certificate is available in the consular fees section of the website.


It is mandatory to come in person to the Consulate with your passport and the document that needs to be signed which will be signed in our presence.  You can pick up the document the following day or we can send it by mail if your provide us with a pre-paid envelope.

Fees: the applicable fee to issue the mentioned certificate can be found in the consular fees section.


You must bring the original document and its photocopy.

Fees: the applicable fee to issue the mentioned certificate can be found in the consular fees section.

• Proof of Life Affidavit. We will issue proof of life affidavits to those residents that come personally to this Consulate General with valid proper documents to identify them.
• Certificates of authorizations granted by the owner of a vehicle issued in favor of another person who can drive it in Spain.
• Certificates for Companies (Good Standing Certificate). The Consulate can issue Certificates of Good Standing for companies legally registered in the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut or Pennsylvania.

In order to get the above mentioned certificate you must bring the Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Secretary of State where the company is registered bearing the Hague Apostille.

Fees: the applicable fee to issue the mentioned certificate can be found in the consular fees section.


Processed only for citizens of Spain who must come to the Consulate with the passport or DNI and fill out the form with the personal information (name, DNI) of the person who is going to pick up the certificate of criminal records in Spain. the applicant must also indicate the city where that person is going to pick it up since the certificate can not be obtained at the Consulate.

The certificate can be obtained personally at the window of the "Registro Central de Penados y Rebeldes", Ministerio de Justicia, San Bernardo 45, 28015- Madrid, entrance Calle Manzana 2 or at any of the Gerencias Territoriales del Ministerio de Justicia.


More information about the criminal record certificate process for applicants of other nationalities:


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