Agreement between Spain and Canada on Youth Mobility Programs / IEC Spain
Since January 31th 2018, the Spanish Consulate in Montreal is accepting visa applications for the 2018 Youth Mobility Program (quota: 1000)

Under the “Youth Mobility Program” Agreement, signed in 2009 between Spain and Canada, up to 1000 Canadian youth can to travel to Spain to gain work experience related to their area of expertise; to complement their post-secondary training with an internship; or to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language, culture and society.

In order to benefit from the application of this Agreement, young Canadian citizens should:

a. hold a valid Canadian passport and reside in Canada.
b. be between the ages of 18 and 35 years inclusively on the date the application is submitted;
c. hold or have sufficient resources to purchase a return ticket and have the financial resources needed to support themselves at the beginning of their stay.
d. before entering Spain, agree to purchase medical insurance, including hospitalization and repatriation, for the full period of their authorized stay.

If you qualify and are interested in obtaining a Youth Mobility visa, you may apply at the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa or at the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto or Montreal (depending on where you reside), submitting originals and photocopies of the following documents:

1. Visa application form, filled and signed with one (1) recent full-face photograph.
2. A valid passport.
3. Documentation proving resident status in Canada.
4. Return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase it.
5. Proof of economic means.
6. A medical insurance policy.
7. If the duration of the stay is over six months, a RCMP Police Check and a medical certificate would be required.
8. A fee of $150.00 CAD.
9. As the case may be, proof of registration in a post-secondary institution in Canada and proof of acceptance by a Spanish institution or an offer of casual employment.
10. A NIE (Foreigners’ Identification Number). Applications for a NIE will be done at the same time as the visa application is submitted.

For information on how to apply for a Youth Mobility Visa, click here.


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