Residence Visa for exemption of work permit (artists, religious, foreign press correspondents, etc...)
This Consulate will only accept residence visa applications BY POSTAL MAIL.
The applicant must send only originals of the forms required for each type of visa, duly completed and signed, along with the photographs and the "Money Orders" to pay the corresponding fees. The rest of the documents must be  photocopies.
Please check before mailing your application that you have all the required documents. Incomplete applications will not be processed, and therefore there will be a delay in the processing of your application and its approval.
Once the application is approved we will notify the applicant to come in person to collect the visa, providing the original documents that were previously advanced by mail, along with original passport.
Applicants must be legal residents in our jurisdiction: Florida, Georgia and South Carolina  
B1/B2 visa holders must apply for the residence visa in the country of legal residence.  
Honorary Consulates of Spain are not authorized to process visa applications.  
 The processing period for this type of visa can take approximately 10 business days. This Consulate General recommends that air tickets not be purchased until the visa is granted.  
SITUATIONS: in which it is not necessary to obtain a work authorization to carry out the following activities if the following conditions are met:
  a) Technicians, researchers, scientists and professors, invited or hired by the Central Administration, the Autonomous Communities, the universities, local entities or the organizations whose purpose is the promotion and development of research.
Those professionals who for their knowledge, specialization, experience or scientific practices are invited or hired by one of the Administrations mentioned aboved for the development of a technical, scientific or general interest activity or program
b) Professors, technicians, researchers and scientists invited or hired by a Spanish university.
Teachers who are invited or hired by a Spanish university to carry out teaching, research or academic tasks
 c) Management or teaching staff of cultural or teaching institutions dependent on other States, or private, of accredited prestige
They must be recognized by Spain and they must develop in our country cultural and educational programs from their respective countries, as long as they limit their activity to the execution of such programs. The following may benefit from the exception:
- To occupy management, teaching or research positions and limit their occupation to the exercise of the indicated activity in foreign cultural or teaching institutions based in Spain.
- In the case of cultural or educational institutions dependent on other States, they must carry out their activity in Spain so that the studies completed, the programs developed and the degrees or diplomas issued are valid and recognized by the countries on which they depend.
- In the case of foreign private institutions, prestige will be considered accredited when the entity and the activities carried out have been officially recognized and authorized by the competent authorities, and the degrees or diplomas they issue are valid and recognized by the countries on which they depend.
d) Civil or military officials of foreign State Administrations
Carry out activities under cooperation agreements with a Spanish Administration.
e) Correspondents of foreign communication media (see specific section)
Information professionals at the service of foreign media who carry out their information activity in Spain, duly accredited by the Spanish authorities as correspondents or as special envoys.
f) Members of international scientific missions
Carry out work and research in Spain authorized by the competent State or regional Administration.
g) Artists who come to Spain to carry out specific activities that do not involve continued activity
People who, individually or collectively, travel to Spain to carry out an artistic activity, directly before the public or destined for recording of any kind for dissemination, in any media or venue habitually or accidentally destined for public shows or performances of artistic type. The activities carried out may not exceed five continuous days of activity or twenty days of activity in a period of less than six months.
h) Religious ministers and members of the hierarchy of the different churches, confessions and religious communities, as well as professed members of religious orders
People who meet the following requirements:
- That they belong to a religious church, confession, community or order that is registered in the Registry of Religious Entities of the Ministry of Justice.
- That he has, effectively and currently, the status of minister of worship, member of the hierarchy or professed religious, fulfilling the requirements established in its statutory norms.
- That the activities to be carried out in Spain are strictly religious or, in the case of professed religious, are merely contemplative or respond to the statutory purposes of the order. Labor activities that are not carried out in this area are excluded.
- That the entity on which they depend undertakes to bear the expenses incurred for their maintenance and accommodation, as well as complying with the requirements of the Social Security regulations.
Seminarians and people in preparation for the religious minister are excluded, even if they temporarily carry out pastoral activities, as well as people linked to a religious order in which they have not yet professed, even if they carry out a temporary activity in compliance with their religious statutes.
i)      Members of internationally recognized representative, government and administrative bodies of trade unions and business organizations
Provided that the activity is strictly limited to the performance of the functions inherent to said condition.
j) Foreign minors of working age supervised by a competent child protection entity
For those activities that, at the proposal of the aforementioned entity, favor their social integration.
For activities under the exception of the work authorization DURATION LESS THAN THREE MONTHS, the stay visa will be required for whatever the nationality of the applicant. The procedure is the one foreseen for the processing of short-stay visas, and must also prove that it meets the conditions for its inclusion in one of the cases of exception to work authorization. See requirements.
The Spanish Consulate General in Miami has full authority to evaluate and request additional documents from those initially submitted by the applicant.
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