Functions of the General Consulate

​The Consulate offers general assistance to all the Spanish, whether resident or transient, under its jurisdiction. It also arranger activities in diverse scopes such as culture, commerce adn education.


What this General Consulate can do for you:

  • Issue passports or laissez-passer due to passport expiration, loss or theft. With the aim to go back to Spain, the Consulate can issue, during office hours, a passport with limited validity.
  • Provide services of Civil Register, power of attorney, legalization of documents or remittal of communications to other Spanish organisms.
  • In case of arrest, you have the right to request to be inmmediatly put in contact with the Consul of Spain in Melbourne.
  • Provide assistance to the detainee: notify about the arrest to the detainee's family, visit the detainee periodically and manage (deliver and receive) the detainee's correspondence.
  • Provide information about the health care, the education and the law of Australia. You can also consult the section "Vivir in Melbourne" of this webpage.
  • Provide assistance in the event of catastrophe or emergency.
  • Provide information regarding formalities and costs of transfering corpses, as well as providing a list of local business for such purposes.
  • Under extraordinary circumstances, advance the money needed for a repatriation, which shall be returned to the Public Treasury within the instalments stablished by the Law.
This Consulate CANNOT provide you with the following services:
  • Issuing or renovating the National Document of Identity (DNI).
  • Guaranteing your entry to the country.
  • In case of arrest or hospitalization, providing a better treatment than the one provided to Australian nationals.
  • Lending money, paying your fines or endorsing you.
  • Performing as a travel agency.
  • Finding a job for you.
  • Providing its own personal to act as a translator, guide or social assitant for you.
  • Paying for the costs of transfering corpses to Spain or arranging any action to be taken in such regard which corresponds to the death's family.
  • Reporting in your name in a litigation or providing legal opinion.


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