Consul General

D. Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo​

Dear friends:
Welcome to the website of the Consulate General of Spain in Melbourne, with jurisdiction in the states of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.
Our primary intention is to provide useful information on a regular basis about our services, activities and initiatives in favour of the Spanish citizens who live temporarily or permanently in this part of Australia, as well as of all of those from other countries who have a particular interest in Spain or those who, from Spain, are interested in Australia for different reasons. Likewise, we’ll try to keep you informed through our Twitter account (@ConsuladoEspMel), Instagram (@consuladoespmel) and Facebook (SPAIN Culture in Australia). I invite you to present us any kind of suggestion that will help us improve, both our website as our social media accounts.
History has proven that the first Europeans to spot Australia were Spanish and Portuguese seamen at the service of the Spanish Crown, in the early XVIth Century.
Later, and especially during the second half of the XXth Century, many were the Spaniards who decided to set out on a new life in Australian territory.
Nowadays, many Spanish companies are present in high strategic sectors of the Australian economy: energy, water treatment, infrastructure, naval construction, food and agriculture sectors, textiles, etc. Likewise, the number of Spaniards who chose Australia to study, as well as the teachers of Spanish language in Australian schools, is increasing at an incredible pace.
Since my arrival to the country, last 1st of August 2014, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate with pride the contribution of both work and participation of our fellow citizens to such a multicultural society as is the Australian. 
It is my aim to contribute to potentiate, as best as I can, the economic, cultural, educational, scientific, professional and social relationships that our two countries are weaving with more and more complexity.    
Together with my kindest regards, I take this opportunity to make myself available for anything that should arise.
Consult here the CV of the Consul General of Spain in Melbourne.pdf


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