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Consular Registration

Spanish nationals that habitually reside abroad or transfer their residence abroad should register themselves at the Consular Office or Section of the Diplomatic Mission within the consular jurisdiction of their place of residence.  The jurisdiction of Consulate General includes the Philippines, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Palaos as well as Taiwán.

Spanish nationals in Taiwan may register at the Consular Section in Taipei.

Minors should be registered by their parents or legal guardians.

The registration should be done within thirty days from the arrival date in the country.

Spanish nationals may be registered as a Resident or Non-resident depending on their personal circumstances.

Registration as a RESIDENT

Spanish nationals who transfer their residence permanently to the Philippines and other countries within this consular jurisdiction should register as a Resident.  Said registration will cause the cancellation of residency in the municipality in Spain and the person will be included in the list of absentee residents abroad (CERA).

To register as a Resident, the Spanish national must go to the Consulate General in Manila or to the Consular Section in Taipei, as the case may be, with the following documents:

     1. The application form (download the form).
     2. Valid original Spanish National ID and/or passport
     3. Two (2) colored ID photos, frontal shot with no head gear.
     4. The CERA form (census of elector’s office) (download form).
     5. Proof of residence in the Philippines (for example:  lease contract, employment payslips, water, electrical or telephone receipts, payment of short or long-term school or course enrollment of any kind, etc…)

The registration as a resident does not affect compliance of residency periods required by the Spanish laws in other specific matters such as taxation and foreign financial transactions as these are regulated by their corresponding  regulations.

Registration as NON-RESIDENT

Spanish nationals who reside in the Philippines temporarily, with no intention of residing in said jurisdiction should register themselves at the Consulate General of Spain in the Philippines as non-residents.

Non-resident registration allows the person to receive consular protection and assistance but does not modify the census and municipal registrations.  One remains registered in the census and municipality in Spain or other Spanish Consulate.

To register as a non-resident the Spanish national must go the Consulate General with the following documents:

  1. Application form as non-resident (download form)
  2. Original valid Spanish national ID and/or passport.
  3. One ID-sized colored photo, frontal shot with no head gear. 

Non-residents must inform changes in their address. 

Non-resident registrations are valid for one year.  Said registration is automatically cancelled after a year should there be no request for its cancellation beforehand.

Those registered as Non-residents may request for their consular registration as Residents should they decide to reside in the Philippines. This change will entail the cancellation of their registration at the Spanish municipality and electoral census.

Cancellation of Consular Registration

Spanish nationals residing in a foreign country who decide to return to Spain or transfer to another country of residence may request for the cancellation of their consular registration (download form). Once they arrive at their new destination, they must either register at the Spanish municipality or at the Consulate in their new place of residence.

The certificate of cancellation of the consular registration facilitates the return of Spanish nationals to Spain in various ways such as in the entry of personal belongings at customs as well as other matters.  It is highly recommended to request for this document prior to departure. Furthermore, the certificate indicating the period of residency and registration at a consular jurisdiction abroad may also be requested from the Consulate. This serves as an official proof on the total period of residence abroad. (Download form).

Lastly, Spanish nationals who register as non-residents at the Consulate will be removed automatically from the Consular registry after one year, unless they inform the Consulate of their continued residency in the country. 

Cancellation of registration as resident

Registration as a Resident may be cancelled due to any of the following reasons:
   * Death

   * Loss of Spanish nationality

   * Transfer of residence to Spain or to another consular jurisdiction


IMPORTANT: Those registered as residents are obliged to inform the Consulate of any changes in their address.  Should they return to Spain or move to another consular jurisdiction, they should register at the Municipality of residence in Spain or register at the Consulate corresponding to their new consular jurisdiction.

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