Other Consular Services
  • Renewal of Spanish driver's license
  • Police Clearance Certificate (antecedentes penales)
  • Application for temporary NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal)
  • Online Filing of Spanish Income Tax and Property Tax
  • Tracing the whereabouts of Spanish nationals
  • Transfer of mortal remains to Spain​

Renewal of Spanish driver's license

Spanish residents in the Philippines can apply for the renewal of Spanish driver's license at the Consulate General of Spain in Manila, upon submission of the following documents: 

      • Original or certified true copy of the expired Driver´s License 
      • Official application form with picture signed by the applicant (form available at the Spanish Consulate General
      • Three recent colored pictures of the licensee, size 32 x 26 mm. Picture must have plain background; if wearing eyeglasses, they should be clear and the face should not be covered. 
      • Medical certificate in Spanish, or translated into Spanish, with a picture of applicant. 

      • Certified true copy of DNI or NIE
      • Copy of payment slip in the amount of 23.80 Euros paid through bank transfer with the following bank details:

      Account name:​                     ​Jefatura Central de Tráfico. Recaudación de Tasas en el Extranjero
      Account number:        ​0049 5103 79 2616578716
​      IBAN ​ES23 0049 5103 7926 1657 8716 

     The following information must be clearly indicated in the Bank transfer:
              1. DNI number
              2. Complete name of licensee
              3. Payment amount

    The amount to be deposited in the account must be the exact amount of the corresponding renewal fees, any charges must be shouldered by the owner of the driver's license.

    NOTE: Renewal of Driver's License for 70 years old and above is free of charge.


     • In case of lost or stolen driver´s license, police report and affidavit of loss.  


Police clearance (Certificado de Antecedentes Penales)


This document provides a proof that a person has no criminal records or that a person has a record, if such is the case. 

The Consulate General of Spain in Manila is not authorized to issue any Police Clearance.

There are two options for Spanish nationals residing in the Philippines to secure a Police Clearance:

       1. By mail. An application may be sent addressed to Registro Central de Penados y Rebeldes, or

       2. Through the assistance of the Consulate General. The required documents must be submitted personally:  DNI or passport, duly accomplished application form and the authorization of representative to receive the certificate in Spain either in the main office at Ministerio de Justicia, C/San Bernardo 45, planta baja, 28025 – Madrid, or in any of its regional branches.


Other nationals who wish to secure a Police Clearance may apply by mail.


For more information please click here. 


Processing of temporary N.I.F (Fiscal Identification Number)

    - Application form (Modelo 030). There are two copies, one for applicant and one for the Spanish Consulate General.
    - Certified true copy of passport
    - Consular Residence Certificate, which may be requested from the Consulate General of Spain.

For more information please visit the web page of Agencia Tributaria de España by clicking here.


Online filing of Income Tax and Property Tax

Interested party must secure a certificate issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM). 

The pertinent forms are available in the following links:

           Application for FNMT-RCM certificate

           Application for renewal of FNMT-RCM certificate

           Information and instructions (back page of the forms).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation strongly advices interested parties to secure the necessary information regarding online filing of taxes directly from the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria.


Whereabouts of Spanish nationals

The Spanish Consulate General in Manila can assist in locating the whereabouts of Spanish nationals in the Philippines as long as said nationals are registered in the Consulate.
The Consulate General can likewise assist in locating the whereabouts of Spanish nationals in Spain through the office of the Dirección General de Españoles en el Exterior y de Asuntos Consulares y Migratorios.
Once located, the information will be provided only if authorized by the concerned individual.


Transfer of mortal remains to Spain

Information regarding the death of a relative or immediate family in the Philippines should be notified to the Spanish Consulate General in Manila or the Subdirección General de Protección y Asistencia Consular del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación (telephone numbers: 91 379 17 00/ 91379 16 10).The Consular officers will provide information about the procedure regarding cremation or transfer of the corpse as well as the necessary steps in order to register the death at the Consular Civil Registry.
The Consulate General will not cover the expenses resulting from the transfer of corpse. In very extreme cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation may grant financial assistance to the family for burial or cremation expenses in the foreign country.

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