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Visa North American Language and Cultural Assistant
This visa will allow you to participate in the North American Language and Culture Assistants program sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Spain.



VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot overstate the importance of paying the utmost attention to filling out the application and the accompanying information. INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT APPLICATIONS WILL BE REJECTED, REQUIRING THE APPLICANT TO MAKE A NEW APPOINTMENT AT A MUCH LATER DATE
-Only applications from residents within the Los Angeles Consulate jurisdiction will be accepted. If you do not live within our Consular Jurisdiction your application will not be accepted under any circumstance.
-All visas must be picked up in person by the applicant.
1. Visa application form (Original and photocopy): The application form must be thoroughly filled out and signed.

2. One Passport-type photo. One professionally-taken photo is required, it must have a white background, the face should be clearly visible, the size of the photo should be 2x2 inches (5x5 cm). No self-made and printed photos will be accepted.
3. Passport or Travel Document. (Original and photocopy of the main page). Passport should be no older than 10 years. Please make sure your passport has at least one blank page for the new visa.
4. Photocopy of an I.D. Card that proves your place of residence is within the jurisdiction of the Spanish Consulate of Los Angeles. You can provide one of the following documents: U.S. Driver license, State I.D. card, Voter’s Registration Card, current Student I.D. 
5. Admission letter by the Regional Education Authorities: This letter must provide information on the school you have been appointed to (address, phone number, contact email). It must also contain information about your grant, the duration of your programme and the insurance policy with no co-pay (or deductible)

All admission letters must have precise dates of start and finish and an official seal (stamp or signature, or electronic signature). Admission letters not bearing an official stamp or signature, nor precise programme dates will not be accepted.  
6. Medical Certificate: (original and photocopy, original translation and photocopy of translation if required): This document must be issued no more than 90 days before your appointment date, must include letterhead and original signature and/or stamp from a doctor (only M.D. or D.O’s will be accepted). The following is an example of the required text on the certificate Medical Certificate example.

Translation: All Medical certificates that are not originally in Spanish must be translated by a Sworn Spanish translator certified by the Government of Spain. A translation is not needed if the example found on the abovementioned link, available in both English and Spanish on the same page is signed and/or stamped by the doctor. 
7. Certification of “absence of police records” Only for applicants 18 years of age or older (Original, photocopy, translations into Spanish, photocopy of translations): Obtain a background check verified by fingerprint comparison. This document is valid for a maximum of 90 days after the issue date mentioned on it. It must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” and then translated into Spanish in order to be accepted.
The background check can be issued by either:
(a) The U.S. Justice Department– FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation and must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” by the Secretary of State in Washington D.C.
(b) The State Justice Department (all states where the applicant has resided in the last 5 years) and the document must be legalized with the “Apostille of The Hague” by the Secretary of State of said state.
Translation: a translation by a Sworn Spanish Translator certified by the Government of Spain of the Certificate of “Absence of Police Records” and of the Apostille is required of. A translation of the Apostille is not needed if the document is available originally in the Spanish language (some are issued in three languages) 

 See common questions and issues for details about the background check or the Apostille of The Hague.
8. Visa FeeOnly money order for the exact amount of $160 are accepted (no cash, no credits cards, no debit cards, no personal checks). Money orders are to be addressed to the ''Consulate General of Spain Los Angeles''.

The visa fee will not be reimbursed even if the visa is not granted or is cancelled. See common questions and issues for details.
9. Disclaimer duly signed and attached to the application.
For references purposes only, please find a simple check list of the required documents for this visa here Checklist.

In the event that your case has been approved to be requested by postal mail and you wish to receive an electronic notification when the Consulate receives your documents, please fill out the following E-notification Request Form.​​
Once you Arrive in Spain
The visa from our department will only be valid for 90 days. During the first month of your stay in Spain, you must go to the Local Immigration Office (Extranjería) and apply for your Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjero (in short, Tarjeta NIE ). Once receiving your Tarjeta NIE, you will be able to stay for the duration of your programme. Be sure to take the original background check and medical certificate along with their original translations with you to Spain for the process. 

The Consulate Administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those listed above. Please be informed that submitting the mentioned documents does NOT guarantee issuance of the visa. Documents presented for the visa application will not be returned.
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