Passports and Enrollment
In this page you will find information to obtain or renew a Spanish passport, apply for certificates, enroll in the Consular Registration, withdraw from the Consular Registration and perform a ''Fe de vida'' (Life Certificate).

Enrollment in Consular Registration
To perform any procedure in this Consulate, it is necessary to be enrolled in ''Registro de Matrícula Consular'' (Consular Registration). You may enroll as a resident (if you are planning on staying in the U.S. for more than 6 months) or as a non-resident (if you are planning on staying in the U.S. for less than 6 months).
There are two ways to complete a Consular Registration: In person (presenting the documents at the Consulate, without an appointment) or by postal mail. Keep in mind that if you enroll by mail, you will need to send notarized copies of the required documents.
Required Documents for Consular Registration:
  • The Consular Registration Application form as a Resident / or non-Resident. If you enroll as a resident, you should fill out the ''declaración explicative censal'' (census explanatory statement). Said document is attached to the Resident Consular Registration application and determines the municipality in Spain where you will be registered to vote in elections.
  •  Copy of you valid passport and copy of your ''DNI'' (Spanish ID), if you have one. If your ''DNI'' and passport are expired, you should include your ''Certificado literal de nacimiento'' (Original Spanish Birth Certificate) that has been issued in the last year.
  • Copy of your Green Card or visa, if you are not a U.S. citizen. In case that you are not able to present this documentation because you are updating your U.S. residence, visa or citizenship status, you should submit a validation that you are legally residing in the country.
  • Proof of residence (a document stating your name and address in the U.S.)
​If you are sending your documents via postal mail and you want to request that the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles send you a notification by email once received you application, please complete this E-notification Request Form.​
Important: During election season, Consular Registration and/or modification can only be done in person.
Modifications and Change of Address
If you change addresses or there are any other changes in your contact information, you need to communicate it with the Consulate. You may do so in person with your passport or ''DNI'' (Spanish ID card), by postal mail or by email ( with your full name, date of birth, copy of your Spanish passport and the personal information that you are updating.
Withdrawal from Consular Registration
Spaniards residing in the U.S. that move to Spain, to another Consular Jurisdiction or to another country, need to remove themselves from the Consular Registration.
You may communicate your withdrawal from Consular Registration in person, by postal mail or by email ( To do so, you need to attach your ''Solicitud de Baja Consular'' (Consular Registration Withdrawal Application) with a copy of your Spanish Passport.

​If you are sending your documents via postal mail and you want to request that the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles send you a notification by email once received you application, please complete this E-notification Request Form.
When you arrive to your new place of residence, you should enroll at the Padrón Municipal or at the corresponding Consulate.
The withdrawal from Consular Registration facilitates certain procedures for Spaniards. Because of this, it is very useful to remove your registration before leaving the country.

To issue a certificate for the ''Administración Española'' (Spanish Administration), you need to be enrolled at this Consulate (see Consular Registration). Issued certificates are free of cost, are sent through postal mail to the applicant’s address and are valid for 3 months.

Certificate of Residence / Inscription

A Certificate of Residence is issued to Spaniards who are enrolled as RESIDENTS in the Consular Registration. With this certificate, you may prove that you have a residence in the United States. Remember that the initial date of residence that appears on the Certificate is the date that you completed your enrollment in ''Registro de Martícula Consular'' (Consular Registration).
If you are enrolled in the Consular Registration as a non-resident, you can only obtain a certificate that proves your registration in this Consulate, but it does NOT prove residence in the United States.  
You can apply for a Certificate by postal mail or by email (, specifying your full name, a photocopy of your passport and the address where you would like the certificate to be sent.

​If you are sending your documents via postal mail and you want to request that the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles send you a notification by email once received you application, please complete this E-notification Request Form.​

Certificate to Obtain / Renew a ''DNI'' (Spanish ID card)

The procurement and renewal of a ''Documento Nacional Identidad'' (Spanish ID card) can only be done in Spain by a personal appearance of the interested party, through the National Police in Spain.
  • Obtain a DNI for the first time: You will need a Certificado de residencia (Certificate of Residence) and a Certificado literal de nacimiento (Original Spanish Birth Certificate).
  • Renew a DNI: You will only need a Certificado de residiencia (Certificate of Residence). Remember that to issue a Certificado de residencia, you must be enrolled as a RESIDENT at this Consulate.
For more information about the ''Documento Nacional de Identidad'' (Spanish ID card) you may consult this webpage.

Apply for or Renew a Passport
Spanish citizens that are enrolled in Consular Registration have the right of the issuance or renewal of a Spanish passport.
Time Frame to complete passport: The paperwork for a passport is processed through the Consular office, but it is issued in Spain and then sent to the Consulate by a diplomatic courier. Because of this, it may take up to 3 or 4 weeks to receive a passport.
Pick-up the passport in person: Once you have been notified by email, you come to the Consulate in person to pick up the new passport. Remember that if your old passport is still not expired, you should present it when you receive the new one so that it can be retired.
Send the passport by mail: If you wish to have the passport sent by mail, you should provide a USPS prepaid Priority Mail Envelope with a tracking number (we CANNOT accept FedEx).
Important: It is mandatory that you make an appointment for each procedure. Otherwise, we will not be able to assist you.
In continuation, you will find information to complete desired procedures:



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