Common Questions and Issues - Notary


If I want to have the document sent to my residence, what should I do?
​If you would prefer to have the documents sent to your residence once completed, you will need to provide us with a pre-paid priority USPS envelope with a tracking number. 

What is a prepaid envelope? 
It is an envelope which has already been paid (priority mail or express mail). This will need to include a stamp in the top right-hand corner (required amount), a tracking number and the address where the document must be sent. 

If I am Spanish, shall I ask for a certificate of residence in order to proof my residence in this circumscription? 
No, being registered in this consulate is sufficient. You can check this the day of your appointment. If you have not registered previously, you could inquire about this process in this link


How long does granting a power of attorney take to process? 
The time for making an appointment in order to sign a power of attorney is subject to change depending on the demand and the availability of the Consul. 

When may I receive the copy of my power of attorney? 
The day of your appointment the grantor will receive an authorized copy of the power of attorney signed in the presence of the Consul. 

How much does granting a power of attorney cost? 
Prior to your appointment, you will be sent an email attaching the final draft of the power of attorney for your review as well as the information regarding the fee. For further information, please see this link

If there is more than one grantor, could we grant a power of attorney in one single document or do we need to do it separately? 
Yes, you could grant a power of attorney in one single document. Nevertheless, it would be mandatory that you send one request per person who is granting or receiving the power of attorney. 

Once I have signed the document in presence of the Consul, must I validate the document with the Apostille of The Hague in order to be valid in Spain? 
No, the authorized copy of the power of attorney delivered in the consulate is issued by the Spanish Administration which means that it is already a valid document. 

I have chosen the alternative of the Apostille of The Hague; I have a power of attorney which has been signed by public notary and subsequently, apostilled; should it be signed by the Consul? 
No, signing a power of attorney by local public notary and apostille is a procedure external to the consulate; consequently, it will not require any further signature from the Consul. However, it would be necessary to clarify with the notary or registrar in Spain who is receiving the power of attorney if they consider this alternative valid.

What may I do if the registrar or the notary in Spain who is receiving the power of attorney does not accept the alternative of the Apostille of The Hague? 
In this case, you should grant the power of attorney by signature in presence of a Spanish notary in Spain or the Consul in the consular office according to your jurisdiction. In this last case, you will need to send all the required documents in order to process your request. For further information, please check public deeds section.

Could I grant a power of attorney in presence of the Honorary Consul? 
No, the Honorary Consul does not have authority over notarial matters. 


If I do not have the Spanish citizenship or citizenship from another country within the EU and I want to move to Spain, do I need to apply for a NIE? 
If your intention is living in Spain, you need to apply for a visa. In this case, you should contact the visa department

If I have citizenship from a country within the EU and I want to move to Spain, do I need to apply for a NIE? 
If you are citizen from EU, you do not need to apply for any NIE in this consulate, but you should move to Spain and, once there, apply for the Spanish residency card in the police office as a citizen of the European Union. 

I have been living in Spain and I have a resident card which is expired. Can I renew it in the consular office? 
No, it will only be possible to renew it in the Immigration Department in the police office. 

If I obtain a NIE, does it make me exempt from the obligation of applying for a Spanish resident card in Spain? 
No, if you want to remain in Spain more than 90 days, once you arrive you will need to apply for a Spanish residency card. 


What does NIF mean? 
It is a tax identification number which refers to Spanish identification number or DNI (including the letter if you are Spanish); and to the NIE, if you are foreigner. Foreigners who could not obtain a NIE or Spanish citizens who never had a DNI may apply for a NIF. 

What is the number which corresponds to the NIF in the United States? 
In the United States, the equivalent number would be the Taxpayer Identification Number. 

I am Spanish, I live in the United States and my Spanish identification number (DNI) is expired; do I need to apply for a NIF? 
No, the ‘DNI’ number is equivalent to the NIF number. Even if the document has expired, the number is still valid. 

Can I renew my Spanish identification number (DNI) in the consulate? 
No, the Spanish identification number (DNI) can only be renewed in Spain. In order to do this process, you will need to request a residency certificate which is issued by the passport department in this consulate. 

When will I receive my NIF? 
The day of your appointment you will receive the NIF. 


Can I process my digital certificate without going to the consulate? 
No, it will be mandatory for you to come to the consular office in order to identify yourself. 

What kind of processes can I do with my digital certificate? 
You could find further information about the digital certificate functions in the following link

When and where would I be able to download my digital certificate? 
The digital certificate will be able to be downloaded in the same device where the application form was processed approximately in ten business days. 

Can I be assisted in the consular office without the previous digital certificate’s code? 
Unless you have already obtained the code, you will not be assisted in the consulate because this code is obligatory to process your application form. Please keep in mind you need to process it online before identifying yourself in this consulate. 


How early can I renew my Spanish driver license before it expires?
You could apply for the renewal of your driver license no longer than three months before the expiration date. 

Is there any limitation of time for the renewal of my expired Spanish driver license?
There is no specified time frame within Spanish law that impedes you from renewing it after it has expired. 

How long can the process of a driver license renewal take? 
The process can take between two or three months from your request due to the fact that the documents must be sent to the “Dirección General de Tráfico” in Spain.

May I authorize someone to pick up my new Spanish driver license in my name?
Yes, someone can pick up the license as long as he or she has a notarized authorization letter signed by the applicant giving them permission to pick it up on their behalf. In order to retrieve the license, they must bring said document to the consulate to be able to pick it up. 

What do I need to do if my Spanish driver license has been stolen? 
Report the incident in the nearest police station where the robbery took place. 


For how long is the certificate issued by the consulate to use guns for hunting in Spain valid?
The certificate issued by the consulate is valid for 90 days. 

How far ahead of time am I able request the certificate to use guns for hunting in Spain? 
You should apply for the certificate according to when you leave for Spain. The maximum duration of this certificate is 90 days and it must be valid during the entire duration of your stay in Spain, so please plan accordingly. 

Should I apply for the authorization to use guns for hunting in Spain issued by the consulate although the guns that I am going to use are borrowed from the association who is organizing the shoot? 
Yes and this fact must be mentioned in the letter issued by the association who is organizing the shoot. 


How long can the issue of my background check take?
It can take between three and ten business days. You have to always keep in mind that it must be picked up by the applicant or representative. 

Is there any other way to apply for the background check certificate without appearing in the consular office? 
Yes, it can be requested by mail or through the internet

If I want to apply for a background check certificate in order to use it in United States, what should I do? 
When the background check certificate takes effect abroad, it must be mentioned in the application form (country of destination) and subsequently legalized. If it is for the United States, it will need to be legalized by the Apostille of The Hague in Spain​.

How can I request my background check certificate if I am not Spanish but I have been living in Spain and I am applying for a visa to return to Spain? 
If the purpose of your request is applying for a visa for going to Spain and you need the background check certificate because you have been living there previously, you do not need to complete this process due to the fact that when you apply for the visa the Spanish authorities will review your background immediately during the application process. 

How can I request the background check certificate if, although I am not Spanish citizen, I have been living in Spain and I want to travel to a country which is not Spain? 
You will need to contact the embassy of your country in Spain.


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