Booking an appointment and visa application fee
IMPORTANT: You can only apply for a visa to enter Spain at this General Consulate or with BLS.
Visa Information System (VIS)
Applicants must apply in person in order to have biometric data taken (ten fingerprints and a digital photograph). 10-digit finger scans are not required from children under the age of 12 or from people who physically cannot provide finger scans.

Once finger scans are stored in VIS, they can be re-used for further visa applications over a 5-year period.

For further information please refer to the European Commission website:

Spain Visa Application Centre
Applicants must book an appointment through the Spain Visa Application Centre operated by BLS International.

Spain Visa Application Centre
Lower Ground Floor, Cromwell House
14 Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6HZ
Tel: 020 3129 1651

This service is available to all nationals who are resident in the UK for a minimum of 3 months under the jurisdiction of this consulate, who wish to apply for a tourist, business or transit visa to Spain. If you are not a resident of the UK you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.
Holders of Diplomatic, Official and Service passports should contact the Visa Department of this Consulate by Note Verbale.
Visa applications will be accepted only by previous appointment. An appointment does not guarantee a visa. Visas are not issued on the day.
Visa application fee
  • £53.40.
  • Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia & Motenegro and Ukraine (short stay up to ninety days per six-month period): £31.15.
  • Cash and card payments accepted. Fee may vary due to €/£ conversion rate.
The visa application fee is an administration fee and is non refundable and does not guarantee a visa.
There will be no charge for children under the age of 6. There will be no charge for the spouse and/or dependants of an EU citizen. However, proof of the relationship must be submitted at the time of application. This proof must be an original EU full national passport or national ID card and an original marriage certificate or civil partnership, (birth certificate in the case of children or dependants). Photocopies are not acceptable. Non EU Certificates should be legalised according to the 1961 Hague Convention.
The purpose of the visit and/or length of stay cannot be altered once the visa has been issued. Please check carefully when collecting your passport that the visa is issued correctly as any printing errors or omissions may affect the intended stay within the Schengen area.


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